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Dehydration and Heart Attack; The Link. And ‘Sludgy Blood’!

From HCPLive About half of a group is ischemic stroke patients were found to be dehydrated when they arrived at the hospital, a Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Stroke Center team reported—and they did poorly compared to the patients who arrived hydrated. Presenting a study at the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference in Nashville, […]

The Scarcity Principle in Water Ionizer Sales

Amongst internet marketers, a powerful secret psychological weapon is a relatively unacknowledged knee jerk reaction most of us have to ‘missing out’. Smart marketers capitalise on this by offering limited time or limited numbers of whatever they are selling. I’m not here to judge the tactic: I can say it works because I’ve been caught many […]

Well, well, well!

It’s a done deal. No scientific basis to government UK and US low fat guidelines An article by a group of UK and US researchers published in the journal Open Heart has found that public health advice by the UK and US governments to consume less fat had no evidence base, was wrong and should […]

Beetroot salad: a powerful alkalizing recipe. (Beets to you Americans!)

Dr Ben Kim has done it again! Red beets are especially rich in folate, which is why they are useful for lowering blood homocysteine and reducing risk of birth defects. If you have a problem with constipation, red beets and their green tops are likely to provide significant relief. Both are rich in fiber that […]

Frack off! Water we can do without.

Byproduct water from fracking and oil wells appears to contain two harmful chemicals that researchers previously did not know about, according to a new study. “Harmful levels of ammonium and iodide have now been found in wastewater from conventional oil and gas production plus the more controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking. The chemicals, […]

Obesity from Dirty water?

Hmm.. this week we wrote about the propensity of poorer people to still buy cheap poor quality food even when better food is available. Now there’s  a new report on what kids drink in areas of bad water. (The soda companies must LOVE bad water!)   The inaccessibility of clean water in some parts of […]

A Pill to Cure Diabetes?

Following a new study recently published in the journal Diabetes, Cornell University believes they may be one step closer to treating diabetes with a human probiotic pill. Lead researcher, Professor John March and his team discovered that using a pill containing common bacteria found in the human gut can shift the control of glucose levels […]

Water Longevity Interview

Chiara over at Water Longevity asked me for an interview about what we are and where we are going. Here it is.

Another great New Alkaline Diet Recipe

Dr Ben Kim is one of my favourite bloggers and he has just posted another great recipe I’d rate as worthy of the New Alkaline Diet. It’s a cream sauce made from cauliflower. It’s dairy free, which means casein free, which means one less potential carcinogen. Go here for the full detail recipe

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