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Meet your Majority Self: your Biome.

This Ted Talk is one of the best i’ve ever heard. It explains so much about our health, our diseases, our fears about antibiotics, about obesity… Wow! Here it is.

Does the Alkaline Diet have history?

Cassie and Ian shoot the breeze over breakfast and bring up some interesting cultural history about acid and alkaline food that may change your mind.

Dishwasher plates creating allergies. Because they’re TOO CLEAN!

Hmmm. It seems washing dirty dishes by hand may curb food allergies in children. The finding, from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies, published in the journal Pediatrics, studied 1,029 Swedish children ages 7 and 8. The study asked about asthma, eczema, and rhinoconjunctivitis. Results indicate hand-washing dishes directly correlates to a reduced risk of allergic disease development. But […]

A Wet Weekend in AlkaWayland

We spent a very wet weekend at home here in Byron Bay at the edge of a cyclone. I decided that wet was just a state of mind and stoked up with a BIG energy boost. I had a dose of Rocket Fuel, colloidal minerals and I LOVE H2, donned shorts and tee, and went […]

A great (non Veg) New Alkaline Diet recipe

This is a  great recipe from Dr Mark Hyman’s page. Why do we like it? Because it works so well with our New Alkaline Diet. Just look through the recipe and you’ll see how we are balancing acid and alkaline.   This is a great weekend meal; there’s nothing difficult about it, nothing takes more […]

The Placebo Effect

Our friend and lover of H2, Biochemist Tyler LeBaron recently posted this quite excellent summation of the placebo effect. What is the PLACEBO effect? Many skeptics have claimed that the purported benefits of ionized alkaline water are simply attributed to the placebo effect. In stark contrast many who realize that the benefits of the water […]

The role of Nutrition and Molecular Hydrogen in an athlete’s regime.

When we think of nutrition, most of us think of fueling or recovering from training. But food does play an equally  important role: that of injury care and prevention. Injury can be obvious, as is the case with a fall, crash, or rolled ankle. It can involve wounds and skin abrasions, broken bones, tendons, ligaments […]

Bone Broth. The Alkaline Paleo Superfood.

It’s not a lot of fun making it. The smell can be a bit much, but a generous addition of herbs will help. I’m talking bone broth, and I’m advising you to get in quick because while you can get big bones from the butcher cheaply today, the butchers are catching on to our demand […]

Dehydration and Heart Attack; The Link. And ‘Sludgy Blood’!

From HCPLive About half of a group is ischemic stroke patients were found to be dehydrated when they arrived at the hospital, a Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Stroke Center team reported—and they did poorly compared to the patients who arrived hydrated. Presenting a study at the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference in Nashville, […]

The Scarcity Principle in Water Ionizer Sales

Amongst internet marketers, a powerful secret psychological weapon is a relatively unacknowledged knee jerk reaction most of us have to ‘missing out’. Smart marketers capitalise on this by offering limited time or limited numbers of whatever they are selling. I’m not here to judge the tactic: I can say it works because I’ve been caught many […]

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