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Spring has Sprung In Australia (Sorry US and UK!) and it’s DETOX time again!

Erica is our in-house naturopath here at AlkaWay. She keeps us all healthy and educated. Here’s her ‘take’ on spring detox. Worth a read! Spring, an ideal time to detox By: Erica Whisson (B Nat, B Com) During winter we naturally tend to eat heavier and more warming foods. They are the foods we need […]

The Alkaway Fill2Pure Alkaline Jug or UltraStream?

We realised that there’s a price point where what may appear to be an economical way to begin alkaline water – with your own Fill2Pure Alkaline water filter jug- just may not be as economical as an UltraStream. This video explains the difference and lets you know when that pricepoint becomes a problem. It also […]

Beets: an Alkaline Diet Goldmine

A great post from one of our suppliers.  Remember the days when your dad would feast on beets and beg you to join in? Your first thought may have been “ew.” Ok so the average 8-year-old probably wouldn’t go for beets based on dads enthusiasm or looks alone, but believe it or not, beets are […]

Feel like a coffee?

The Good: Isn’t Really Good Most people start drinking caffeine because it makes them feel more alert and improves their mood. Many studies suggest that caffeine actually improves cognitive task performance (memory, attention span, etc.) in the short-term. Unfortunately, these studies fail to consider the participants’ caffeine habits. New research from Johns Hopkins Medical School […]

negative effects of BPA

We’ve been beating our own drum about BPA in plastics for years now. The world is slowly catching up, and this study posted on TreeHugger kind of nails it. Studies of humans, mice, monkeys, and sheep all point to the same scary conclusion — that BPA wreaks havoc on the female reproductive system. “Bisphenol A, […]

Microwaves and Water Ionizers. What do they have in common?

I received this from Tyler LeBaron today and it’s really worth a read. It’s aimed at vendors of ionized water. Microwaves Virtually nobody cares how/why they work but we all know they do and we all have one. And so too it is with water ionizers. It doesn’t matter how it works it just does!!!” […]

Thank you Seth Godin for these wise thoughts

Seth is my fave blogger and what I regard as the best marketing mind in the world. But he’s not just that. He’s a real social thinker, always reframing seemingly obvious ways of life. Here’s an example from his daily blog. “The wasteful fraud of sorting for youth meritocracy  “Sorry, you didn’t make the team. We did […]

Are you a ‘faker shaker drug taker’?

There’s an app that’s gonna call you out. Benzodiazepines are addictive drugs, but they are often used to help recover from other addictions, including managing of tremors and other symptoms caused by withdrawal from alcohol. Addicts that enjoy their benzodiazepines will often fake symptoms of quitting alcohol cold turkey just to get a script for […]

Not Funny! Chinese Traditional Medicine

A herbal preparation prescribed by a Chinese herbal medication practitioner in Melbourne for back pain resulted in life-threatening heart changes, prompting a team of intensive care and emergency physicians to call for appropriate patient education by practitioners who prescribe complementary medications.  Writing in Emergency Medicine Australasia, the journal of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, emergency […]

Seniors Love our UltraStream water!

The Busselton Senior Citizens Centre was fortunate to receive a donation of an UltraStream Alkaliser in line water filter. We have found the filter to be an invaluable addition to our kitchen. We operate within Foodsafe standards and now filtered water is used in all of our food preparation. Our kitchen provides a lunchtime meal […]

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