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Pepsi want to carbonate snacks now to give them ‘Fizz’.

In a new ‘inspired’ way to make more megabucks, PepsiCo has decided to carbonate snacks to give them more ‘Fizz’. This news reminded me of a blogpost I saw recently by a lady chef that boggled my mind. I truly believe that Americans and Australians have utterly lost their ability to discern good food, much […]

Just what does Fracking do to our drinking water? Read and be scared.

‘Fracking’ Wastewater That Is Treated For Drinking Produces Potentially Harmful Compounds “Enhanced Formation of Disinfection By-Products in Shale Gas Wastewater-Impacted Drinking Water Supplies” Environmental Science & Technology Concerns that fluids from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” are contaminating drinking water abound. Now, scientists are bringing to light another angle that adds to the controversy. A new […]

The perfect water for the perfect Coffee

  Christopher Hendon has written a  paper* on the role of water in coffee brewing. The various methods below are evaluated relative to the water’s acceptability in supporting that perfect brew of Ol’ Joe.   Polyphosphate/siliphos treated water: A polyphosphate/siliphos filter only releases polyphosphate to the treated water in order to form a thin, protective […]

The new Alkaline Diet and Balance Book

Our first edition leapt off the shelves. We have decided to give away 100 of this improved second edition – and it’s now available.. and we’ll even add in a free Urine pH test kit to people requesting it. You can call us here in Australia on 0266856471, or email us for a copy and […]

Alkaline Diet or Low Carb Diet.. Is there a difference?

We hear it time and again: Dietary fat is not good for us, it promotes heart disease and gives us dangerously high cholesterol levels. No matter how many studies show that a low-fat diet is in fact making us sick… and fat, this advice just never seems to change… at least, that is until now. • […]

What we can all look forward to in medical fashion.

“Good Evening! Oh! I do like your new outfit. So.. er…”   Kidney failure typically leads to people regularly wasting a great deal of their time being tethered to a dialysis machine. Though they’re life savers, dialysis machines have not kept up with much of the rest of the medical device industry in getting smaller, […]

Paracetamol no better than placebo for lower back pain.

Australian investigators found that paracetamol (acetaminophen) for acute low-back pain was no more effective than placebo in a large randomized trial. They reported similar recovery times with acetaminophen, whether taken regularly or as needed, or placebo. Their study was published online July 24, 2014, in The Lancet. The Paracetamol for Lowe-Back Paid Study, known as […]

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water bottles: a review of two

 Can we have hydrogen rich water anywhere we go? Yes we can! Ian compares an electronic portable hydrogen rich water product with our AlkaPod and comes up with some surprising results. Both make fresh molecular hydrogen infused in water on the go. Both alkalize the water using minerals. Both give the water good ORP. One […]

There I was in the middle of the Sahara…. with my Fill2Pure Bottle

This short video talks about the right Fill2Pure bottle for you intrepid explorers. It discusses whether you should have the every day 99.9% filter bottle, or the 99.999% bottle and why. It also passes on a very good tip from Cameron Cross, who found out why his advanced Fill2Pure bottle wasn’t working the way he […]

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