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It’s very kool to see these sort of press releases now we understand that the active factor in our water is hydrogen. Many people still don’t get it. “Electrolyzed reduced water, more commonly known as alkaline ionized water, that our water ionizer filters create has even been found to be a treatment for acid reflux disease,” the […]

Prostate Cancer; Did you get it from your baby food?

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men in the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute, 15 percent of U.S. men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. A new study published in January 2014 attempts to pinpoint why these numbers are so high and they have […]

Magnesium in Water and Hip Fracture: more evidence comes in.

We spent quite some time last year summarizing over 100 scientific studies on the effects of hard water on health around the world, including hip fractures. The results were quite unequivocal and we have actually published our own findings here. Apart from the obvious conclusion that hard (alkaline) water is good for us, there was also […]

Do you REALLY want to heal?

This morning Cassie and I were discussing people (ourselves) and their apparent reluctance to accept healing. It came about because in the last week two of our staff have come down with what they identified as food poisoning. One was our son, Neil, who must’ve been feeling very bad because he woke us up in […]

Orange Juice vs. AlkaWay Water

Back at school I was a coke freak. Coca Cola that is. Then I ‘got smart’ and began to care about my health so I went for the next dominant paradigm; orange juice. Now I drink water; alkaline hydrogen infused water. So what’s so bad about orange juice? Well, according to this article from the […]

Another unsourced ‘Safety Warning’ on alkaline water

This article was brought to my attention by a client who has been happily drinking our water for many years. She asked for my comments. I’ll add them below. I’m also going to colour red the phrases that actually have no purpose but to reinforce the point. It’s an ANTI alkaline water article and one reader […]

Alzheimers and Diet

New evidence shows that sugar, a highly processed diet and nitrates in food and fertilizers may be the cause of our Alzheimer’s epidemic. Every 68 seconds, another person in the US  develops Alzheimer’s disease, making it the sixth leading cause of death and one of the fastest-growing  illnesses in the West (affecting 5.4 million American adults, and 26 million worldwide). Governments in the US and UK are so […]

Old Friends Speak up

We now have friends ‘out there over 13 years who have been on our water for all that time. It’s so good to catch up with them. Morthern is one such friend. She’s also the author of the Gratitude Diary which many of you have ordered through us over the years. All of the team […]

Chlorine – chemical additives in water

When it comes to chemical additives in water one of the biggest things that keeps me skeptical of the way it is done is the fact that it is done without our consent. We have no choice. I believe that if it was in our best interest then we would at least have a choice […]

Athletic Performance. How much do you need to win?

Would you drink water to win a race? It appears a good guzzle of Ultrastream water may give you extra yards at the finish line. “In the current study we tested the hypothesis that an acute (7 days) intake of an alkaline negative oxidative reduction potential formulation (NORP) drink would reduce the rate of blood […]

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