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Alzheimers and Diet

CNS 1New evidence shows that sugar, a highly processed diet and nitrates in food and fertilizers may be the cause of our Alzheimer’s epidemic.

Every 68 seconds, another person in the US  develops Alzheimer’s disease, making it the sixth leading cause of death and one of the fastest-growing  illnesses in the West (affecting 5.4 million American adults, and 26 million worldwide). Governments in the US and UK are so concerned about what has been labelled the ‘silver tsunami’- 
the swell of Baby Boomers from the 1950s moving into older age, and the implications on society of a projected trebling of cases of dementia (to 135 million) by 2050-that health members from all the G8 leading nations met recently in London to coordinate efforts to find a successful treatment by 2025.

As many people know, I’ve had my own ‘brush’ with Alzheimers. With the support of my partner Cassie, I am clear and crystal and pumping on all cylinders. Coco oil was the key strategy for me but now I’ve foregone sugar and carbs and am in ketosis I am using far less coco oil and still sharp. A further fillip to my regimen is the knowledge that studies on hydrogen and Alzheimers indicate a possible beneficial link. This makes me very glad I’m drinking hydrogen infused water.

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