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The Alkaline Paleo Foods

These are your Healing Foods!: Meats: Pasture fed where possible Chicken (free-range) Beef- (Could be a problem initially if you have milk sensitivities) Emu Goat Lamb/Mutton Ostrich Pork Duck Turkey Offal meats Ostrich Bacon (without nitrates) Crispy Pork Rind (homemade) Liver –  Liver from land mammals is high in vitamin A but low in vitamin D, […]

Being Alkaline Paleo in Italy – Part 1

Here we are in Italy.  After some setbacks due to my complete  ineptitude ( not getting a visa for India and getting tossed out)  we made it and as we inadvertently ended up in Bangkok for a few days, we ate Thai food, which even though it was savoury still had some sugar in it.  And… Ian […]

AlkaWay: In the Beginning.. and Now

pH-balanced, antioxidant, super hydrating water isn’t new. It’s been around for 40 years in Asia and it spread there like wildfire. People experienced the benefits, understood the importance of prevention and it made good, intuitive sense. The machines needed to create the water were stocked on shelves like toasters and LCDs in the US. Up […]

What’s In Your Water?

The latest USA official tally of ‘notified’ contaminants in public drinking water is 315. More than half of these pollutants have zero regulation standards. Amongst those that do have standards. FORTY NINEare  over the safe level. As you know, we;vebeen supplying water ionizers and filters for 12 years. That’s a lotta water through our filters […]

AlkaWay’s AlkaStream saves Brad a bomb

Here’s an email, Gabe, our US rep. received recently. So the only difference Brad ‘missed’ was the high volume flow. Hi Gabe, Just wanted to let you know that I love my Alkastream so far…fyi…in fact, I returned my Enagic machine (prior 30 days). I’m all about water as it’s supposed to be, replenishing the […]

pH Made Simple

This may be the best overview I’ve ever seen about how the pH of a food or drink impacts your health. Too many people make this concept difficult to understand and get way too far into the details. Eyes glaze over, skepticism creeps in and the decision to make a change and feel better never […]

Is Coffee OK? The Drink We Love and are so Addicted to!

Cover your ears if coffee is a daily essential! When we drink coffee it goes into your stomach first, and it has an irritant effect on the stomach lining. The word ‘stomach’ here means the organ between your oesophagus and duodenum. It’s the pipe that fills the stomach, and the stomach. With leaky gut we […]

Why the Alkaline Paleo Diet?

Why a Diet At All? Why Not Just a Pill or a Super food to Fix My Particular Ailment?  When I took a pharmaceutical drug, a vitamin pill, natural remedy or a super food I became aware that these remedies might give me some relief from my particular ailment temporarily…. but that any remedy, be […]

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