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Oxygen Therapy: A Sleeping Giant?

We’ve been so busy getting righteously excited about the many health benefits of molecular hydrogen that we have neglected what many people tell us is a  ‘sleeping giant’ in our product lineup.

But before I talk about it I’ll share some observations I’ve been having on oxygen in the last few weeks.

Let’s say you have brain lesions. The cause can be anything. That’s not the point. But if someone said you could heal them with oxygen therapy, would you believe them? I wouldn’t.. or at least until I read a new article I wouldn’t.

New research shows that low oxygen therapy is able to eliminate brain lesions developed from mitochondrial dysfunction in mice. Eventually, hypoxia therapy could be used to treat people with similar disorders and maybe even reverse signs of aging in otherwise healthy individuals.

The researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) first genetically engineered mice to lack a gene that affects the mitochondria and that is mutated in some people suffering from a neurological disorder known as Leigh syndrome.

They then exposed some of those mice to air with about half the oxygen levels typically found at sea level.

The mice breathing the hypoxic air didn’t develop brain lesions and lived a median age of 270 days. The group breathing “normal” air did develop lesions and lived a median age of only 58 days.

Even more exciting was what happened when mice who already had brain lesions were exposed to hypoxic air. After just one month, scans revealed that their brain lesions disappeared.

“We found, much to our surprise and delight, that we could actually reverse advanced disease,” said lead HHMI investigator Vamsi Mootha, a mitochondrial biologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, in a press release. “I don’t think anybody thought that these types of neurological diseases could be reversible.”

The results of the study seem to suggest that only a continuous exposure to 11 percent oxygen would work. Though tolerable, that oxygen level wouldn’t be terribly comfortable for a healthy individual, so while this research is both “profound and striking,” according to Mootha, developing similar hypoxia therapy for humans is still some way off. “We are not ready yet to go into the clinic,” he said.

Now.. this is so amazing to me. Particularly when everything I have seen and heard back from our clients is the DIRECT OPPOSITE!  We have a steady delivery of our own ROCKET FUEL sports supplement to people who swear by its energy enhancement capabilities. One client is even negotiating with us to sell it as a form of water-based bottled drink nationally and even internationally. Another company has a worldwide multilevel marketing outfit selling a product identical to ours at hugely inflated prices.

I’m recognising the miracle and the burden of immediate and total access to all the information in the world (A.K.A the World Wide Web) In the not-so-distant past we could forgive ourselves for not knowing everything about a health strategy because the gatekeepers of the knowledge were the medical and pharmaceutical establishment. Then came the alternative therapy healers who, I have to observe, also held tight to their special knowledge. We had to go see them to learn. But the WWW has blown that completely apart. Every fact, every claim, and every product is now exposed to the totality of information access, good and bad. What we now lack is simply the time to research one subject or therapy once we learn of it.

So here’s a case in point: one study suggests we may live longer if we deduce our oxygen levels. Others say exactly the opposite, and we can also throw in the idea of oxygen free radicals – that’s oxygen in our bodies that go ‘rogue’.

Are we better off in our capability to learn the truth of whether something works best for us now? I really don’t know. All I know is what is my personal experience: that oxygen therapy – if we must call it that.. perhaps oxygen supplementation is a better phrase has a long history, including groundbreaking work by world-famous scientists, and even the famous hyperbaric oxygen chamber, that basically forces the body into a hyper oxygenated state.

Have you tried our Rocket Fuel yet? This is what my client wants to give to the world, and this is what is virtually identical to the high-priced (almost US$40 for a bottle the size of our pH test kits – tiny!) international MLM version.

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