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Sherlock-HolmesI just watched the latest episode of the excellent series of ‘The Truth About Cancer’.

In it, Ty Bollinger interviewed the vendors of two forms of enhanced water. One was ‘MRET Water’, the other was Hydrogen rich water.

Over the last sixteen years I have seen so many new water systems come and go. Magnetized water, Zeta water, super ionized water, microclustered water, BEV water, Pristine Water, Emoto water and now MRET water.

I admit to the fact that I was under the impression that some of these waters really did have measurable positive effect. (Note: ‘measurable’).

Microclustering; The Most Common Claim

The supplier of our first electronic water ionizer told me with a very straight face that the water from his machine was ‘microclustered’. I loved the water and for the first time in my life was able to drink water without bloating. So.. naturally, I assumed this was from the microclustered nature of the water. It took a decade for me to realise that what really caused lack of bloating was a simple body feedback system. The water from the ionizer had a high pH. My mouth’s inbuilt pH meter registered it, and according to my natural design, alerted my pyloric valve at the bottom of my stomach to open, thus preventing my stomach from collecting the high pH water with accompanying stomach acid neutralisation. Clever body! Dumb me.

I consulted with Tyler LeBaron, biochemist on the same point. Does water ‘microcluster? And what does microcluster really mean? We get a  picture of water molecules forming smaller than usual clusters or matrixes, but does water do this? Yes. And No. Tyler explained that water sitting in a glass is not ‘still’ as it may appear. In fact, as Tyler put it, it’s a maelstrom of constantly forming, breaking down and reforming of molecular and atomic connections, all happening at not microseconds or nanoseconds but at FEMTOSECONDS! So the idea of water remaining still long enough for it to be permanently formed in an ‘ideal’ smaller matrix is well. optimistic to say the least.

So.. how do we explain the many testimonials we have from drinkers of these waters?

Well. and many people won’t like this.. placebo effect is still the most healing force on Earth. Give someone enough optimism about a lifestyle or health regimen change and it has been conclusively, scientifically proven that their health will improve over anyone taking the same steps without the mental encouragement. Placebo people always believe that what they did in terms of health regimen change caused their health improvement.. because they cab’t see that they were in placebo’s clutch. Why would they? To them, they did A, and B was the result.

But… surely the weight of numbers of testimonials would prove this wrong, right?

It’s my observation that the internet may be the greatest health change vehicle we’ve ever known. prior to the net, we could not access the stories form others so easily, and so we relied – mostly – on what our medico told us. That’s the good part of the net. The not-so-good part is that most testimonials we read about any product have been carefully sifted to remove any less than positiove ones. So our irrational mind takes the easy path and ‘decides’ that based on ‘available evidence’ this product will work for me.

Never underestimate the power of your mind.

I have not one but two business associates, each of whom have invented a water system that requires no filters and yet, we are asked to believe, ‘neutralises’ all contaminants. Their websites carry many testimonials from people attributing improved health to a device that fundamentally ‘turbulates’ the water before they drink it. There’s been a Korean water jug that ‘vortexises‘ water and carries a similar number of testimonials. Are they all placebo? And.. are they representative of all users’ experience or only the ones who chose to or were asked to give a testimonial to the vendor?

I don’t have the answers to these questions but after 16 years what I have developed is what I would call a healthy skepticism. This has came from having to put my own ideas about our water ionizers under the magnifying glass of science vs. hype. I had to realise that I wanted to believe some of the more er.. esoteric ideas given to me by my Koream manufacturer. And.. as I opened up to more science and less conjecture, I began to see just how prevalent (and successful) this ‘halftruth’ strategy is!

One company promoting microclustered water sold $165,000,000 worth of product last year.

Having said all this, I leave the decision to you. Perhaps all I can suggest about MRET water is to ask yourself how much you WANT to believe in MRET Water as the ‘Truth About Cancer‘. If I WANT to believe it, odds are that I am not making a clear decision and have already activated my placebo mind.

Now….. to ‘Alkaline’ water.

I am certainly an expert on alkaline water. We sold our water ionizers for all of those years on the benfits of drinking alkaline water. I wrote a book (The Untold Truth About The Cause of Disease) on alkaline diet and water. I designed my own Alkaline Foods Chart. I taled about, read, researched, lectured. I guess that makes me an ‘expert’.

Just after Ty spoke to the MRET Water man he also spoke to a friend of mine, Paul Barratiero. We met Paul earlier this year when he visited Australia, setting up his sales network for his water ionizer. Paul’s electric ionizer is about as good a product as there is in electronic water ionizers and sells for about $2400.

But here’s what I find interesting. Paul is a smart guy. He knows, as I do, that the water from his device has a high pH but NOT high alkalinity. It doesn’t add alkaline minerals. It passes the water through an electrolysis cell which affects the pH, not the alkalinity. He only talks about hydrogen. alkalinity is so.. passe!

At the same time, the biggest (by far) vendor of this type of system still claims that their machine’s alkaline water properties are important. So who is right?
Well, as Paul said on ‘The Truth About Cancer‘ there’s ample science to prove the therapeutic properties of hydrogen rich water. And.. just to add to the mix, I undertook a metastudy some years ago on alkaline water around the world and there’s certainly no doubt in my mind that alkaline water is better to drink than neutral or acid water. One study of 100,000 death certificates in Finland stood out. 100,000 certificates were analysed by place of residence, and then these were correlated with the hardness (calcium/magnesium content) of the water the former person had consumed while alive. Overwhelmingly, the people who drank calcium/magnesium rich water from their taps live longer and experienced better health.

But.. please note.. I said alkaline water, not high pH water.

OK. So it appears that there is sufficient science to say with conviction, (free of placebo bias), that both alkaline water and hydrogen rich water will support health and longevity. There are many other possibilities suggested by the 400+ scientific studies of hydrogen rich water, including all major disease types, but.. as far, no large scale double blind studies. So.. it still comes down to YOU researching and understanding if only to overcome your need to believe.

So what about this high pH water?

If you are clear about the difference, fine. If not, go back to my previous para and get it clear. But here goes again…

  • alkaline water contains alkaline minerals.
  • High pH water contains molecular hydrogen (H2)
  • alkaline water MAY contain molecular hydrogen (H2) because magnesium, an alkaline mineral reacts with H2O to make H2.

This process occurs until the magnesium is exhausted.

Now.. NONE (Magnetized water, Zeta water, super ionized water, microclustered water, BEV water, Pristine Water, Emoto water and now MRET water) of the waters discussed at the beginning of this article are either alkaline or high in H2. Am I saying they don’t have an effect on health? No, I’m not.

ANY improvement in the quality of our drinking water is one of the best investments one can make in future health.

But .. and let’s face it.. this is why you have watched ‘The Truth About Cancer’. You want to know the best water for you to avert cancer.

I’ve received many emails and calls about the video. And one common thing came through. Everyone noticed that Ty Bollinger owned one of Paul Barattiero’s Water ionizers. This, it seemed, was what they wanted to hear more than all the techno facts and figures. So their decision was this:

1. Ty Bollinger drinks Paul Barratiero’s water.
2. Paul Barratiero’s water must be the best.

Now.. I am in a privileged position here. I opened up Australia and the company Paul began his career in water ionizers in the US to water ionizers. Paul gets his ionizers from the same company that made our water ionizers.

So here goes with a direct comparison based on what I have learned about getting the best water possible.

1. Alkaline Water

You can buy alkaline water in bottles nationally. It’s tap or purified water with added alkaline minerals. Or.. if you live in a ‘hard water’ area (most of the US and Europe) you can drink from the tap or a basic filter and get the benefits of the millions of people referenced in my metastudy. But many vendors of devices using electrolysis to create high pH water make the claim of giving alkaline water. They don’t, or if they do, the calcium level is low. If these devices are used in hard water areas, they often have major calcium accretion problems because calcium, normally in solution, becomes ionically ‘sticky’ and drops into suspension as its pH is changed.

  • You can make your own alkaline water with alkaline electrolytes.
  • You can drink alkaline water from your tap if you have ‘hard’ water.
  • You can buy alkaline water in bottles.
  • You can buy a water filter that elutes alkaline minerals as it filters.

2. Hydrogen Water

Let’s quickly talk about the best method of getting H2. The best is inhalation. But.. it’s not easy. We are talking about a gas that, when mixed with air, becoming highly explosive and I know of no approved device to deliver H2 gas safely. The vast majority of scientific studies relate to hydrogen infused water. At atmospheric pressure at sea level, we can only get 1.6 parts per million in water, no matter what the means. H2 quickly escapes if more is added. The parts per million test is what we have arrived at as a definition of quality or effectiveness of hydrogen rich water.

From our research we have been able to link the strength of the H2 in a single ‘dose’ to beneficial effect.

So if 1.6 ppm is the maximum possible at sea level, what do the various systems manage?

None of the string of inventions mentioned at the start of this article give any H2.

Paul’s gives a consistent 0.8 ppm. More expensive models give a little more.

  • Bottled water gives none.
  • Kangen water varies from 0.3 ppm (tested at AquaSciences LLC) depending on how clean the electrolysis plates are.
  • Other systems give 1.0 ppm.
  • My own invention, the UltraStream, has been measured at 1.1 ppm by Tyler LeBaron’s AquaSciences LLC test facility.
  • I LOVE H2 tablets dissolved in water in a sealed bottle give above 2ppm.

Portable water bottles using media we have sourced from Japan give 1.4ppm. (Still in test phase)

This article is getting too long already so I won’t detail the cost benefit ration of every method. You’ll find plenty of information about this on our website here.

High pH Water

This is water from an electronic water ionizer, which uses electrolysis to alter pH. remember, it is not necessarily high in alkaline minerals because the system does not ADD alkaline minerals and only concentrates the minerals already in your water. Now here’s a recent lesson we got. Traditionally, water from an electric ionizer was assessed for quality by using a pH test kit and an ORP meter. ORP is a measure of the electrical charge in water. It has been commonly quoted as proof of the antioxidant effect of this water. It isn’t. It is what it is; an electrical charge, positive or negative. If it is positive, the water has an oxidising power. It can rust things. If negative, it can donate electrons to the body. But to claim it is an antioxidant is a stretch.

The antioxidant effect of water from an electric ionizer is related directly to the level of H2 in the output water. Nothing else.

Our UltraStream is different. It doesn’t use electrolysis. It uses magnesium to create H2. And it has alkaline magnesium and calcium in the filter so it is a true alkaline water.

I trust this article has helped you understand the background to The Truth About Cancer Video. Thanks to Ty Bollinger and the many people involved!




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