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Dr Bernardo’s controversial approach to cancer

Please note: if you want to look at the Doctor’s discussion on the cause of cancer, please be aware that we do not endorse his opinions and the video is presented only for educational purposes. If you are considering any change in your health regimen, please contact your registered physician.

The Cost of Chasing Cancer

I just read an article in Time by Dr Makary of Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is commenting (after many, many years of cancer work) – on what it costing us to chase cancer. He cited a man who came to see him. “The patient’s story began with a full-body CT scan – a screening used […]

Is fear of cancer causing cancer? The expert’s answer is YES

Close-Up Of A Doctor Wearing A MaskA just published study in the Journal of American Medical Association: Otolaryngology has shown up over-diagnosis of cancer and treatment of unthreatening tumors for the 300% increase in thyroid cancer researchers have seen since 1975. There has been an ever-increasing body of evidence that detailed questions certain scientists had about the need for aggressive cancer treatment.

The treatment of certain types of cancers (often ones in the prostate, breast and lung) is sometimes not considered to be medically necessary since they would not become deadly to the individual. Thyroid cancer is also said to be similar.

As many of you already know, your thyroid governs the release of hormones in the body and helps do many things like regulate your metabolism. Thyroid cancer involves the removal of the gland from your throat and then involves a lifetime of hormone pills to supplement its loss.

Another unsourced ‘Safety Warning’ on alkaline water

This article was brought to my attention by a client who has been happily drinking our water for many years. She asked for my comments. I’ll add them below. I’m also going to colour red the phrases that actually have no purpose but to reinforce the point. It’s an ANTI alkaline water article and one reader […]

Fukushima and China. The New Threats to our Future Health

I am not a scaremonger. Like most people I am well aware that some websites are highly successful BECAUSE they scare people. I don’t like it and I don’t want to think that I could get rich that way. So what should I do when the facts published every day convince me that what we […]

Cancer: a telling comment.

Dr Leigh Erin Connealy, MD posted this in the Townsend Letter Letter. A link to the full article is below the quote. The Cancer Cascade  The cancer cascade is a 12-year-long process during which time cells develop into a tumor. First, the cancer cells cloak themselves with fibrin, a substance that makes them invisible to […]

What has a bee and me have in common?

I just read a quite scary article about the findings of scientists studying bee deaths in the US. At first, research identified one range of pesticides called neonicotinoids as the culprit. So the answer was to remove these pesticides from farms, right? Well, now another group of scientists have come up with a more chilling […]

ANOTHER (!) amazing scientific study on Hydrogen water!

This Japanese study is a  beauty! It is quite a large one and includes conclusions on the use of hydrogen water (the same as that produced by the UltraStream) for Cognitive decline, Parkinson’s Disease, Atherosclerosis, Metabolic Syndrome, adverse effects of chemotherapy, allegic reactions. Not only that, how’s this for a powerpacked paragraph? “It has been […]

Inflammation: The Root Cause of All Disease?

In a medical version of the “unified field” theory in physics, many scientists now believe that most—or perhaps all—chronic diseases may have the same trigger: inflammation. This fiery process has been linked to everything from heart attacks and strokes to type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. Chronic, low-grade systemic inflammation—fueled by such disorders as […]

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Recovery? An interesting Video

As my readers are aware, both Cassie and I are on a ketogenic diet, A.K.A. Alkaline Paleo Diet. We have a good friend in Chicago battling her own brain cancer on a ketogenic diet, recommended by her doctor. This quite detailed video below is really worth persisting with. I found this article on Joe Mercola’s […]