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Alzheimers and Dementia: why your brain can’t be reached.body brain barrier

The Body Brain Barrier is a membrane that prevents anything that shouldn’t get to our brain passing through it.

bbbB2It’s essential in protecting the brain from toxins of all forms but is so efficient that it also prevents drugs entering the brain. This has inhibited  the formulation of many Alzheimers drug strategies that rely on direct brain contact.

Of course we now know that there are amy things we don’t wnat to get into our brain; one big one being EMF from our mobile phones. damage is easily seen in the brain; whether it is directly caused by the phones is still being fiercely debated. That the brain suffers oxidative damge is not in dispute.

So imagine something with proven selective antioxidant and anti inflammatory abilities. Now imagine that ‘something’ can easily penetrate the brain body barrier.

Now imagine that same something that easily passes out of the brain via the skull if it encounters nothing in the brain it can assist with.

Wow. That’s molecular hydrogen, and a huge number of studies are indicating ita vast number of therapeutic capabilities, including Alzheimers’.

Here’s a video of a discussion with George,a  friend of mine, and here’s a list of over sixty scientific studies on the same subject.

..and while we make no claims about the ability of our products to work this way, we do sell products that may assist your body by facilitating its ability to access molecular hydrogen. Learn more here.

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