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An Alkaline Scrub to Deter Bacteria forming Calculus & Plague on the Teeth & Gums

This healthy gum recipe creates an environment in and around your teeth in which the harmful bacteria can’t live (they can’t stand oxygen and/or silver water). The recipe neutralises the acid environment in the gum (which is created from the waste products of the bacteria). These harmful bacteria don’t like the alkaline, or neutral, environment created by the salt, baking soda, colloidal silver and/or hydrogen peroxide.

The Recipe

Dry ingredients

• Sodium bicarbonate(Bi-carb of soda) – If you are sensitive to sodium, then use potassium bicarbonate.

• Celtic salt
Combine your dry ingredients in a small jar with a lid:
• three (3) parts Bi-carb
• one (1) part salt
Shake this dry mixture to blend well.

Pour between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of this DRY mixture from the container into your palm.
Wetting ingredient:
• Colloidal Silver – safe if you still have mercury amalgam fillings, OR
• Hydrogen peroxide – only if you have no metal (mercury/amalgam) fillings in your mouth, OR
• Aloe Vera
Drop a bit of the liquid into the dry mixture in your palm to create a thick paste. You will learn from experience on how much to use.
a.  Load a bunch of the mixture onto a small soft brush. Angle the brush 45 degrees to where the tooth meets the gum.
b.  Push the loaded brush as far as you can into the area where the tooth meets the gum. Do not cause yourself pain.
c.  Use a very small wiggling motion.  It’s an agitating type of motion.   Do not use wide circular motions like scrubbing a floor or washing a window. Repeat this action as you move along the gum line for three to five seconds at each spot on both the cheek and tongue side.  As you apply more of  the mixture to the brush, be sure to continue where you left off on the gum line. Repeat this procedure until you have completed both upper and lower gum lines. Whenever necessary spit out the mixture and saliva. There is no need to rinse afterwards, unless you want to.
The soft brush is the applicator/loading instrument that is used to get the recipe into the gum area The mixture does the work, not the brush;
Do it once a day until you can gradually increase to twice a day. When you are able to do it twice a day for two weeks in a row, your gums should have become very tough (this is good) and should have a pink-white colour (this is also good).

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