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Activated Alumina for Fluoride Reduction, or if you prefer, sapphires and Rubies.

Our UltraStream has been tested to 3500 litres by Griffith University laboratory for (among many other things) fluoride reduction. We use an NSF approved non-eluting (it doesn’t leach into your water) US supplied Activated Alumina. It’s THE best we could find anywhere in the world, in line with all other filter media in our UltraStream. […]

New water hazards that we should act on.

In just one week we’ve seen two new threats to our water supply. Here in Australia we are all familiar with the blessing and the curse of flying foxes, who nest in their thousands in native forest, and overfly our cities at dusk every night. Now we have been told that their pee harbours deadly […]

All the best tips on using hydrogen tablets

Gavin Dickinson is an old mate, even though he works for one of our competitors. His Facebook page on H2 is a great resource, and this post of his prevented me from having to write our own. I have added our observations in his article in red. Why is it so important to fill my container […]

The Importance of Selenium to our Natural Antioxidant Capability

We talk a lot about the antioxidant capability of molecular hydrogen on this page. Not only is it unique in selectively targeting the ‘baddie’ free radicals and leaving the ‘goodies’ alone, it also supports our natural antioxidant, glutathione. However.. I remind myself and anyone else interested in living longer that glutathione, our internal super-antioxidant needs […]

Eating at Restaurants is no better than eating at McDonalds.

Ian: SO True! My extra best meals are at home. In most areas of life, the old saying “You get what you pay for” holds true. But when it comes to healthy dining options, the more expensive option may not be the best. Ruopeng An, a kinesiology and community health professor at the University of […]

Alzheimers and Poor Sleep linked

As readers know I have had my own relationship with Alzheimers. That’s why I think this article may be of interest to the people that have seen our video on my journey. This article was co-written by Smita Patel, DO, FAASM, and Anne Marie Fosnacht, MPH, CPT The rate of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) continues to soar […]

The Cost of UltraStream filter replacement

Cassie had an inquiry from a lady today about the cost of filters for the UltraStream today. The lady wanted a comparison between what it would cost to replicate the power of filtration of an UltraStream by buying alternative filters. Here’s what she came up with! Hi Mia,   Sorry but we don’t make much […]

Warriors’ Nathan Friend scores a hydrogen water powered catch of the year

Nathan recently ordered his own UltraStream, the water filter that purifies water plus alkalizes, plus adds molecular hydrogen. Learn much more here. In Canada, go here In the US, go here In the UK and EU, go here. And Nathan, we’re sending you a congratulatory bottle of I LOVE H2. It’s obviously working for you.

Can’t afford a $4000 alkaline water ionizer? Try a .40c lemon instead.

I have a theory about detoxification. It goes like this; 1. We start our life untoxified. 2. As we live ina toxic world we ‘toxify’. 3. It’s our choice whether we decide to reverse this process. 4. The best ongoing way to detox is to drink enough water. Too simple, right? Hey, we’re bombarded with […]

Turmeric, Curcumin and Molecular Hydrogen. The Missing Link

Ever since I spent a year in India I’ve loved the sight, the smell and the taste of Turmeric. Given the basically carbohydrate dominated diet of most Indians, and the shocking state of pollution of their diet staple foods, maybe Turmeric is keeping most of India alive and healthy! I’m also lucky living here at Byron Bay […]

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