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Why I Drink AlkaWay Alkaline Water

I’m biased. That’s obvious. After all, I invented the UltraStream water alkalizer, ionizer and H2 infusion system. But I am (at age 69) constantly remionded of WHY I care for myself. My GP tells me I am genetically susceptible to bowel cancer so he attempts to get me ‘bare-assed’ every couple of years for a […]

Food Additives and autoimmune disease.

Soon after the World Health Organization announced that eating processed meat could increase the risk of cancer, another study has found that industrialised food additives could increase the risk of developing autoimmune diseases. The study, lead by Prof. Aaron Lerner and Dr. Torsten Matthias, found that various additives commonly found in processed food can weaken the tight-junctions in the gut. Tight-junctions perform […]

Natural Treatment Plan for Celiac Disease Symptoms

Both Cassie and I are gluten intolerant and sometimes we wonder if Cassie is Celiac. So this article was of great interest to us. Celiac disease was first described over 8,000 years ago by a Greek physician who had no idea that this disorder was a type of autoimmune reaction to gluten. (1) This information didn’t become […]

Chlorine, Cloramines, VOC’s and Trihalomethanes; a ‘Dummy’s Guide’.

When I get thrown technical terms by salespeople, I often wonder if they aren’t doing it on purpose to impress, or even to make me hand over my power to them to make my decision for me because they seem to know more than me.  For this reason I want to help people confused about […]

UltraStream: Why it’s different than any other water ionizer and how it evolved

the UltraStream water filter, water ionizer, water alkalizer and hydrogen infused water system isn’t a one-off product. It’s an evolution from electric water ionizer to natural, from high cost and maintenance to simplicity and high end filtration. Ian Blair Hamilton is the designer of the UltraStream and is founder of AlkaWay in 2000. He is […]

Alzheimers and Dementia. My.. and George’s Journey.

My old friend George met us at Brunswick Heads recently. He’s been having some serious health problems including very bad back and so we’d given him some I LOVE H2 hoping it would assist, which, says George, it did. But our conversation was about our mutual brush with Alzheimers’/Dementia and this little video is of […]

We Compare 3 Water Ionizers for Molecular Hydrogen

Now we have a reagent test designed specifically to test for the presence of molecular hydrogen in our water, it’s easier for potential buyers to see what they are getting – or not. We know now that molecular hydrogen is the most important ‘secret ingredient’ in water ionizer water, and that the higher the H2 […]

Why HOME is the best place for a dirty weekend.

While a stay at a five-star hotel may get you excellent service and a well-appointed room, it doesn’t necessarily get you a really clean one, according to Travelmath, an online trip calculator service. Surprisingly, the cleanest rooms that Travelmath discovered were in properties that rate only three-stars. Travelmath sent investigators to nine hotels to gather 36 […]

effect drinking ionized alkaline water has on our biome

We are often asked what effect drinking ionized alkaline water has on our biome – our gut flora. The study below answers it very well. You’ll see in the studtb that they refer to electrolysed water or ‘ERW’. In this sense it’s a bit dated, because we are producing identical water from a non-electric system, […]

Question: Is the raw food diet the same as an Alkaline Diet?

Answer: A true “alkalarian diet” is 80% + raw, but “raw diets” are not always alkaline. The raw food diet is built on one basic premise… cooking your food destroys enzymes, leaches minerals, damages vitamins, and denatures antioxidants. All of which are true. The Alkaline Diet (acid – alkaline diet / pH diet) is built […]

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