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What About Metabolic Typing?

A friend said she had tried the low carb diet years ago and it didn’t work for her.  She told me it made her feel unwell and that she needed carbs because that was her Metabolic Typing.  I wondered at the time whether this would be something that would come up for a lot of […]

Leaky Gut or Intestinal Permeability- It Doesn’t Exist or Does It?

According to most doctors it doesn’t except in people who are really sick. According to me it does as proved by using a test on my beloved using non digestible sugars to see if they leak into the urine. He proved positive.  Well, well, how surprising, not!.  My beloved is a Neolithic disease sufferer.  He […]

An Alkaline Scrub to Deter Bacteria forming Calculus & Plague on the Teeth & Gums

This healthy gum recipe creates an environment in and around your teeth in which the harmful bacteria can’t live (they can’t stand oxygen and/or silver water). The recipe neutralises the acid environment in the gum (which is created from the waste products of the bacteria). These harmful bacteria don’t like the alkaline, or neutral, environment […]

AlkaWay Whole House Filtration

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