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Fluoridation and Arsenic. Strange Friends.

We’ve all heard by now of the problematic studies of fluoride in our drinking water, including fluoridosis, and IQ problems in kids. Now there’s a new one. Fluoride, it appears, works synergistically to increase the arsenic levels in drinking water. Here’s the report, and you are in the right place to grab your own fluoride […]

Water disinfection byproducts: in your drinking water?

Disinfection byproducts in your water: the hidden (and nasty) menace A good video has been uploaded by the Water Nerd. He’s the video face of the manufacturer of our one-of-a-kind PFAs filter, but this video talks about the problem of chlorine reacting with organics in our water. on the hazards of water disinfection byproducts in […]