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Sam Carpenter’s Travel Plan goes seriously wrong.

Sam Carpenter wrote a book on business organisation that really impressed me, and he travels the world helping small businesses like ours to become better operators. But on a recent trip to Romania, Sam, the master planner, upset his plans with one small mistake. “On my trip to Romania I drank from a public drinking […]

Lead in your Drinking Water?

The recent SBS news article on lead in our water exposed a potentially serious problem for all Australians. It comes in a  wave of exposes worldwide that focus on high lead levels in drinking water. So here’s the ‘lowdown’ on getting rid of lead in your drinking water. (And please note: we’re not trying to panic […]

Why All Australians need to look at a water filter

This report comes from Water technologist Neil Sweeney. He is passionate about clean water. Here’s his facebook page. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AUSTRALIA WITH WATER INFRASTRUCTURE? If we are to go by the latest media reports, current water guidelines and the current state of disrepair of the mains pipe delivery system in our country then […]

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