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Colon Cancer and Molecular Hydrogen: new study.

I’m sure all of our readers are aware that we DO NOT make claims of therapeutic effect from the purchase of our H2 products. After 16 years we know – and understand that – especially in the case of cancer,  anyone claiming they can cure cancer knows precious little about the disease, which has at least […]

Fluoride: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (Benjamin Disraeli)

A good customer of ours rang after looking at a video from another water alkalizer company regarding fluoride. I thought the easiest way to help her was to look at the video and comment. In it I discuss whether activated alumina, our fluoride reduction media of choice, works as we say it does. Here are […]

Totally Toxin Free with Molecular Hydrogen Water!

Keith Hackett lives in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. He’s a happy UltraStream user. Keith rang me yesterday.. “I went to a naturopath for a hair analysis to learn what toxins I may have in my body.  I got a call from her with the results. She was amazed. I had NO toxins show up. She had […]

What is the MOST Alkalizing food you can find?

Firstly, we need to look at whether we are talking about ‘alkaline food’ or alkaline-supporting food. There are very, very few alkaline foods, but many foods that support us to alkalize in the body. This covers many interpretations, from the production of sodium bicarbonate in the stomach to improved support against acidifying inflammation. So I’m […]

DO YOU REALLY NEED TO DO A LIVER DETOX? If the following list = YOU, your metabolism might be trying to tell you something! History of alcohol/drug use or hepatitis Long term prescription drug use Sensitive to chemicals (tobacco smoke, fumes, perfume, cleaning agents, etc.) Pain between the shoulder blades Stomach upset by greasy foods Greasy or shiny […]

Good News about the UltraStream

We love good news. Daniel Angelini is a new AlkaWay client in Australia, and the first thing he did with his new UltraStream and its pH kit was a few comparisons. The picture is self explanatory! Daniel emailed us and said: “I got my UltraStream connected a couple of days ago and love it! My Brita was […]

Celery; another mainstay of the alkaline diet.

We recently posted about the amazing health benefits of the humble cucumber. But what salad is complete without a crunchy celery stick? Celery is often overlooked. many of us think of it as “crunchy water” and assume it has little  nutritional value. Oh Boy, How wrong we can be! But I always have a problem […]

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