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Food4Kids Guidelines

We have great respect for the work of Rob Verkerk and his Alliance for Natural health. He has spent years in direct opposition to the EU supplement rules AKA Codex. he’s campaigned relenlessly for sensible food guidelines and we agree with his ideas. ANH has even created a program called Food4Kids. Here’s their full agenda. […]


I just watched the latest episode of the excellent series of ‘The Truth About Cancer’. In it, Ty Bollinger interviewed the vendors of two forms of enhanced water. One was ‘MRET Water’, the other was Hydrogen rich water. Over the last sixteen years I have seen so many new water systems come and go. Magnetized water, […]

Is this the Death Knell for Coca Cola?

I’m copy and pasting this article from ANH International. It’s by Dr  Harald Gaier ND DO DHomM DBotM, and Robert Verkerk PhD A recently published study from Tufts University in the US has found that sugary beverages have been estimated to kill around 200,000 people every year. That’s the equivalent of over 330 Jumbo jets […]

Thank you California! You’ve banned Microbeads!

What are they, you ask? They are tiny bits of plastic used for all sorts of weird purposes. Over 800 trillion microbeads enter US wastewater daily, and because water treatment plants were never designed to handle this new source of pollution, a lot of the microplastics end up in rivers and lakes, get ingested by various […]