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Don’t Swell Up About It… What you Can Do Now to Beat Inflammation and Auto Immune Disease

INFLAMMATION: IT’S A “HOT” TOPIC.   It seems connected to avirtually every known chronic disease — from diabetes to obesity, heart disease to cancer, autism to dementia… even depression. Inflammatory diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, and autoimmune disease are also increasing at dramatic rates. Doctors are trained to shut off inflammation with aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication such […]

Is your water filter / water bottle / water jug BPA free

I can clearly remember when polycarbonate water bottles were the best bottle to buy. It wasn’t so long ago! And now we are seeing results coming in on the effects. PA in mothers’ urine linked to low birth weights in China It appears that a pregnant woman’s exposure to BPA can increase the risk of delivering […]

Too Good to be True? In this case, no.

I’ve identified a telltale for MLM approaches. And I gotta say, we get a few! This morning it was ‘French Green Clay” and the big sell line was that the Israeli army uses it to get rid of chemical warfare effects. Then (and this is my ‘telltale’ sign of an MLM approach).. there is the […]


Everyone has a hangover remedy. — a greasy meal, fish oil, over-the-counter hangover fixes, more booze… the list goes on. So it’s rather disappointing to learn of new research that says drinking water and eating food won’t cure a hangover, and the only true hangover cure is to drink less. Sorry, I have a problem. […]

Coke’s method of Staying relevant

I copied this from Laissez faire. It’s a good site worth a  visit. Coca-Cola Pays Scientists To Fool You By Nate Rifkin Recently, Coca-Cola handed $1.5 million dollars to a brigade of scientists, to fund their new propaganda front called the Global Energy Balance Network. Its purpose is simple: Concoct skewed research showing a poor diet […]