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What an amazing world! Goats producing human milk enzymes.

Researchers from University of California Davis have reported in PLOS ONE the development of transgenic goats that produce lysozyme, an antimicrobial normally found in human breast milk. The idea is to use the milk to prevent or alleviate the effects of gastrointestinal infections. The team then setup an experiment where two groups of pigs infected […]

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Recovery? An interesting Video

As my readers are aware, both Cassie and I are on a ketogenic diet, A.K.A. Alkaline Paleo Diet. We have a good friend in Chicago battling her own brain cancer on a ketogenic diet, recommended by her doctor. This quite detailed video below is really worth persisting with. I found this article on Joe Mercola’s […]

Is your water getting better? …or worse?

Suspected carcinogens in your tap water? It’s scary but true for many communities across the United States. The Environmental Working Group’s 2013 Tap Water Report revealed that 201 water systems that serve 100 million Americans in 43 states are polluted with toxic chemicals created by the reaction of chlorine and rotting organic matter such as leaves, […]

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