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Think this through with me. Diabetes = Dumb and Dumber.

A new report from Science Daily tells us that diabetes in midlife determines a high probability of cognitive decline 20 years later. So.. we’re looking at a nation of senior morons! Ouch!

And yet diabetes is SO unnecessary!

The study is a rather personal message for me because I experienced what we believe to be incipient Alzheimers’ some 5 years ago. Believe me, it was seriously scary to try to put a sentence together and see GAPS where words used to be, to go to the supermarket and completely forget why you went there, and to lose motor responses sufficient to be banned from the kitchen because I smashed so many things. Our video about my recovery has now hit a quarter of a million views and you’ll see it here.

How am I today? Well, coconut oil was just the beginning. I still consume as much orgainic coco oil as I can but I’ve also experienced that ANY carbs or sugary foods have an effect on my mental clarity, which ties in with this study in that diabetes is the result o9f high sugar and carb intake. It ties in perefectly with our new alkaline diet and that’s why we are revising and updating our old Alkaline Defence Program. It was put together back in 2006 and there’s so much new science since then tying in alkalinity, carb intake, fats and more. I’m madly trying to get it completed by Christmas so stay in touch for your copy – free to blog readers.

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