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The Simple, Untold Truth about the Alkaline Diet.

The Simple, Untold Truth about the Alkaline Diet.

The Alkaline Diet is… and isn’t…

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Photographer: Mason Kimbarovsky | Source: Unsplash

Checking our blog posts from 2011, we found this gem. It points out the basic problem with all of the Alkaline Diet charts and gives you a good reason to make it MUCH easier on yourself. It has no sound… but it doesn’t need it.

Yes, an alkaline diet has been made too simple.

– probably because the purveyors of the many downloadable charts weren’t actually interested in making you healthy, but more in selling you something..

We’ve delivered many thousands of pure alkaline electrolytes in the form of our Alkaline Booster, and we use it every day ourselves, as well as drinking our UltraStream alkaline water.
And.. if you want a good Alkaline Food Chart based on the principles in the video, we have one!

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