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The no BS list of Pointers for water ionizer buyers.

My friend Rob Thomas posted this list of requirements he thinks are important for water ionizer buyers.

1) All water ionizers work in terms of providing free hydrogen (energy) which is responsible for numerous health benefits
2) There are two kinds of water ionizers…electric and natural
3) The best drinking water is “clean” (contaminants removed) and “healthy” (full of energy)
3) Reverse osmosis “RO” machines are the best at cleaning the water….but they remove the elements that produce energy (the helathy part)
4) Electric water machines are good at producing “healthy” water, but they are not very effective at the “cleaning” part
5) Natural water ionizers are good at producting “healthy” water, and are somewhat effective at producing “clean” water.
6) Natural water ionizers are superior to electric water ionizers when it comes to producing healthy water because they produce stable (long lasting) ionization as oppose to electric water ionizers that produce unstable (temporary) ionization
7) Natural water ionizers are superior to electric water ionizers in terms of filtering contaminants out of the source water
8- Electric water ionizers produce acidic water which can be used for cleaning purposes. Natural water ionizers don’t produce acidic water.
9) RO machines that remineralize water “properly” are the best at producing “clean” and “healthy” water.
10) Long term consumption of acidic water devoid of essential elements produce by RO machines is very unhealthy.
11) RO companies are now offering low cost (Calcite and Corosex) remineralization solutions to produce alkaline water.
12) Calcite and Corosex filters were never designed to work with the aggressive nature of the acidic water produced by RO systems. The acidic water chews through the filters in two to six weeks instead of the avertised six months that the filters will last for when used with slightly alkaline tap water. The excess amount of calcium or magnesium being introduced into the water by the low cost filters can result in the formation of kidney stones.
13) RO systems with controlled release high-end bioceramic magnesium provide and other remineralizing media provide the best drinking water because they take care of both the “clean” and “healthy” requirements without overwhelming the kidneys

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