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Our “New” Alkaline Diet program

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The ‘Old” Alkaline Diet states that our natural state is alkaline. For this reason, it suggests, we have to maintain our alkaline balance to maintain health. Many claims have been made about the scientific support for this theory, but when we really pursued the science we found that it was not what you’d call ‘strong’.

Basic tenets of advocates such as ‘All disease comes from acidity’ or ‘Your blood must be maintained at 7.35 and the diet will do it’ have attracted a storm of opposition from many medicos and scientists.

On the other hand, papers presented by Dr. Linda Frasetto (University of California) and others are excellent and reflect the historic changes we have experienced in our diets, our new stressful lifestyle, and the need for a method of counteracting the excess acid overload we all experience today. Tyler LeBaron of the molecular hydrogen Institute has also had a profound effect on many of the myths of the alkaline philosophy.

What we’ve discovered and will share with you turns the basic alkaline diet on its head. So let’s just move on and talk about what we’ve discovered; simple truths that can help anyone.

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