AlkaLina Hydrogen Complete for Reverse Osmosis or Pre-filtered Water

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The AlkaLina Complete is designed to be installed after your existing Reverse Osmosis system (only with pressure tank) or other existing water Filtration Systems.

The AlkaLina provides:

  • Alkalised and ionised water of up to pH 9
  • The antioxidant Molecular Hydrogen (H₂)
  • A negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) of up to -400
  • Added Magnesium and a small amount of Calcium to your water

The AlkaLina is available in two different kits, one for Reverse Osmosis systems and one for existing Filtration Systems, such as whole house filter systems. See more information below.

If you don’t already have an existing Reverse Osmosis or water filtration system, then purchase the UltraStream.  The UltraStream not only ionises, alkalises and creates molecular hydrogen but it also filters 3 times better than most filtration systems.


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There are 2 kits available for the AlkaLina Complete

Note: You must use Kit 2  if you do not have a reverse osmosis system.(please see below for an explanation)


Kit 1. The AlkaLina Complete for a reverse osmosis system with tank only:

  • AlkaLina Casing including an AlkaLina Cartridge
  • Hydrogen Diffuser
  • 1/4″ white connecting hose
  • pH testing reagent to test the pH of the Alkalina Water
  • Wrench to open the casing to replace the AlkaLina replacement cartridge
  • Clips to mount filters
  • Manual on how to install the AlkaLina Compete to your existing Reverse Osmosis

 Download Installation Manual for Reverse Osmosis


Kit 2. The AlkaLina Complete with Chrome Undersink Kit:

  • AlkaLina Casing including an AlkaLina Cartridge 
  • Hydrogen Diffuser 
  • 1/4″ white connecting hose
  • Under-sink Vented Faucet Kit
  • pH testing reagent to test the pH of the AlkaLina Water
  • Wrench to open the casing to replace the AlkaLina replacement cartridge
  • Clips to mount filters

 Download Installation Manual  for pre-existing filtration system

More Information:

  • The AlkaLina cartridge produces 1900- 2300 litres of alkaline, hydrogen water when used with Reverse Osmosis systems.  With Pre-filtered water cartridge life with vary depending on the water source and filtration
  • Alkalises acidic reverse osmosis water
  • Changes reverse osmosis water into anti-oxidant water
  • The AlkaLina is a specially designed inline cartridge with all of the essential and proven alkalizing and hydrogen producing media of the UltraStream but without the filtration media
  • Alkalising Media: O-Dobi, Tourmaline, Magnesium, Calcium
  • Quick-Fit Install: John Guest No-tool hose fittings
  • Plastic is EPA approved polypropylene, BPA-Free
  • Made in California, USA


I bought the AlkaPure off you many years ago, Ian. I’ve had it for around 5 years now. I recently added the AlkaLina filter to it which has the hydrogen element added to it. Its been a great investment for myself and my plants. I have re generated many close to dead plants with it and they are now thriving on that water.” – Will Jay

 * The reason you must use Kit 2 for installations other than Reverse Osmosis is because the AlkaLina creates Molecular Hydrogen Gas which must breathe and the faucet in Kit 2 allows this to occur

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


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