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We’re happy to see you’ve ordered our AlkaWay pH test kit. This short video (left) summarizes the best way to use it.

We know many people are using it for important health reasons and perhaps to assess whether alkaline diet and water may be of assistance. That’s why we include a free entry to our Alkaline Diet and Defence Program. It’s the distillation of our 16 years’ experience of alkaline diet and philosophy, and it’s been downloaded over 5000 times.

We also strongly suggest that if you want to ask anyone directly, Dominic Spears, author of ‘Alkaline Diet And Lifestyle’ has an excellent Facebook page here. On his page you can also download a copy of the book. We are very impressed with Dominic’s experience and his book.

Finally, if you want to ask us about the alternatives we offer to alkalize within your health needs and budget, feel free to chat or email us.