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AlkaStream Water Ioniser

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We highly recommend alkastream filtercurrent AlkaStream owners to upgrade to the UltraStream, designed by AlkaWay in Australia and manufactured in the USA to guarantee quality. 

The UltraStream uses the highest grade of filtration media to remove more contaminants from your water, and also provides the huge benefit of Molecular Hydrogen infusion.  Each UltraStream filter cartridge will last for 12 to 14 months – at least twice the filter life of the AlkaStream.

Click here to watch a video comparing Molecular Hydrogen production in the UltraStream vs AlkaStream 

AlkaStream filter details:

  • Manufactured in China
  • Filter Life:  6 months
  • Filter Micron Rating: 0.2 μM
  • pH (Depends on Source Water): pH 9-11
  • ORP (Depends on Source Water): -90mV to -600mV
  • Dimensions (cm): Diam: 13cm, Height: 36cm
  • Does NOT produce Molecular Hydrogen

How to Replace:

This easy way we have found to replace the filter

  1. Remove Lid and Top Cap of alkaStream
  2. Turn on the water to the alkaStream slowly and let the water pressure push the filter out of the casing,
  3. Now you should be able to easily lift out the filter
  4. Leaving the water at the bottom insert the new filter allowing any extra water to overflow
  5. Replace Lid and Top Cap of alkaStream
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