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UltraStream Replacement Cartridge

(272 customer reviews)


  • Fits Benchtop or Undersink UltraStream Units
  • Replacement Filter UltraStream Water Alkaliser
  • Constructed from EPA approved plastic. BPA Free
  • All filtration media EU approved
  • Made in the USA under AlkaWay’s supervision
  • Tested for over 3000 litres
  • You get a ‘new water ionizer with every filter change’. The complete ionizing system is integrated within each filter
  • Ultrastream replacement cartridges are available in White or Black.
  • New Virus Guardian ™ Layer

Learn more – Revolutionary UltraStream Alkalizing water filter

Remember to flush the new UltraStream Replacement Cartridge for 10 minutes before use.

Note: To help reduce the environmental load on our landfills the Replacement Cartridge for the Stainless Steel and Black UltraStream will be supplied without the Stainless Steel (SS) sleeve/cover (unless ordered by calling 1800 268 469). This is in response to requests from the majority of our customers. So, when replacing the Cartridge please keep the cap and SS sleeve to put onto the new cartridge. Thanks.

More information on the UltraStream Replacement Cartridge

The UltraStream is the most advanced alkalizing water filter system available today. Tap water passes through the 8 layers of filtration media and alkalizing media. Producing sensational, pure, great-tasting, alkaline drinking water in every glass. Designed by Australians, and manufactured in the USA.

The patent-pending UltraSteam water filter uses the highest quality patented filter media plus exclusive O-Dobi alkalizing, ionizing, and hydrogen producing media. It also supplies infused magnesium and calcium through the life of the filter, calculated and tested for over 3000 litres.

Important note for all water filter customers. No filter lasts forever. 3 factors affect the lifespan of the filter.

  1. The quality of the filtration media.
  2. The amount of filtration media.
  3. The amount of ‘gunk’ in your water.

For this reason, we recommend replacing the UltraStream Replacement Cartridge every 12 to 14-month. Although we have the world’s best filtration media in generous amounts, any filter, no matter how good it is, is a ‘toxic waste dump’ collecting the toxic chemicals and debris in your water and preventing its passage into your body.

To help reduce the environmental load on our landfills, the Silver and Black UltraStream Replacement cartridges will be supplied without the Stainless Steel (SS) sleeve and Plastic caps (unless ordered). This is in response to requests from the majority of our customers. So, when replacing the Cartridge, please keep the black cap and SS sleeve to put onto the new cartridge. Thanks.

272 reviews for UltraStream Replacement Cartridge

Based on 272 reviews
  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Jo (verified owner)

    Great product,I’ve been using the filter now for along time,and it’s one thing I wouldn’t go without, the delivery time is great,I’m in country Qld and order on a Thursday night late knowing they are closed Friday,my order arrives via courier usually Tuesday morning by 8am

  3. Roman B. (verified owner)

    Perfect product

  4. Neil Smith (verified owner)

    Love the product and service. Have nothing but a positive experience

  5. Louise Fairhurst (verified owner)

  6. Karl-Heinz Gleich (verified owner)

    I love this Water

  7. Greg Tombs (verified owner)

    Even after a few weeks the unit continues to drip after use, then takes time then to get a steady stream each time. I have only changed the filter. Is there anything else I can do to alleviate the issue

    • webmaster (store manager)

      As you probably already know its a side an effect of the Hydrogen production and should slow in a couple of weeks. But it’s defiantly worse on some water supplies, we are working on ways to reduce it. If it’s still a problem call or email us and we should be able to help.

  8. Gary M. (verified owner)

  9. Casey Lau (verified owner)

  10. Michael Czajka (verified owner)

    Wish it had bone char instead of aluminium as a filter media for fluoride… but love the 3000 L filtering capacity.

    • webmaster (store manager)

      Hi Michael, FYI aluminium is very reactive metal where activated alumina (aluminium oxide) that we use in the UltraStream is made from the same thing as Ruby and Sapphires and will not react with water it uses micropores to trap the fluoride. The Problem with bone char is it needs a long contact time with the water to be any good and removal percentage drops off quickly.

  11. Tristan Moore-Wood (verified owner)

  12. Steve Schiller (verified owner)

  13. Philip C. (verified owner)

    Thank you, appreciated the heads up to replace the cartridge. We love our clean water and get regular compliments from our visitors on the quality of water. We always endeavour to take enough water from home when away.

  14. Stephen H. (verified owner)

    I am thankful for the yearly reminder and the prompt delivery of our Ultrastream. This year I asked if there was a little extension pipe and lo and behold it was in the parcel – no problems

  15. Clare (verified owner)


  16. Eddie (verified owner)

    great service, speedy delivery

  17. Rajendra Kumar (verified owner)

    I received my replacement Cartridge within three days after ordering and with free delivery.

  18. Graham (verified owner)

    New replacement cartridge was easy to install. After running it in for 20 minutes I had my first drink – and later had to visit Mother Nature. This reassured me that the filter was working to perfection. Now body has readjusted to drinking the purest water money can buy. A great and important product to have and to use daily in one’s home for better health and sense of well-being. No argument need be entered. Graham.

  19. John McKay (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the pH reading on our water once the new cartridge was installed. Would have been nice to receive a reminder of the installation process (or a brochure with the link to the undersink manual (I forgot about the ‘John Guest’ tool – not sure I recall where I’ve put it, but I managed without it (eventually!))

  20. Megan (verified owner)

  21. Deanna Brookhouse (verified owner)

    Easy order, quick delivery

  22. Tom Bunko (verified owner)

  23. Eric Young (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient service, thank you

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had completely forgotten the set up rule and did not find any hints on the box about how long to run the filter. I could not work out what was wrong with our foul tasting water at first. I threw the first 2 lts but had forgotten to run it for 20 mins. Please include these details on the box more clearly. I had to do an internet search to find what was wrong. God knows what I have drunk- carbon I suspect!

    • Ian

      It IS very clear in the instructions. Sorry for your problem!

  25. Mark (verified owner)

    No problems, all good.

  26. Alan Saunders (verified owner)

  27. Igor Antoniak (verified owner)

  28. Egon (verified owner)

  29. Graeme (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Benjamin Ridley (verified owner)

  32. Ann-Marie von Douglas (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier. Such quick service. Easy to order and no dramas. I do credit the Alkaway system with keeping me healthy after my cancer. Love my lovely water!

  33. Graeme Whitlock (verified owner)

  34. Kimberly (verified owner)

    The product is of the high standard I expected. However I was lucky to receive it because it was incorrectly addressed – even though I filled in delivery details correctly(!) Fortunately I had many people looking out for the delivery with me.

  35. Graeme Gingell (verified owner)

    We reqeived it in good order as expected.

  36. Les lavis (verified owner)

  37. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Love the beautiful taste of clean fresh water. Dad did a taste test with Mum and she picked it straight away. She is 82.

  38. ANN W. (verified owner)

    The replacement cartridge is easy to replace. I drink a glass of water before other beverages and the water from the UltraStream makes a lovely cup of tea it’s always refreshing YEAH!!

  39. Megan P. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer services and product

  40. Cheryle (verified owner)

    Love this water filter, this is our third year of using it.

  41. Kim (verified owner)

    Great efficient service with a great product. Thankyou

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. William C. (verified owner)

    Great product, delivered on time, no problems.

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. Vicki M. (verified owner)

  46. Toby Coote (verified owner)

  47. Lyn & Rainer Dultz (verified owner)

  48. Sarah Chen (verified owner)

    Efficient service! Great product!

  49. Marilyn Box (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery

  50. Robert Carr (verified owner)

    Fast and furious delivery. Thanks.

  51. Henriette M. (verified owner)

  52. Mary McCallum (verified owner)

    Products arrived very quickly. Ordering was extremely easy. Excellent service, thank you.

  53. Wendy Cole (verified owner)

    Very happy with quick response to my order, and delivery time. Filter excellent. Thank you all at Alkaway.

  54. Maisie Bertuccio (verified owner)

  55. Lachlan (verified owner)

    Very prompt service , great products, water tastes sweet.

  56. Michael Halberstadt (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with the functional capabilities of this product – its second to none. What I’m disappointed about is the price… one would expect with economies of scale that the price of goods should come down? Yours has done the opposite! I have been an Alkaway customer for 10 years and spent thousands of dollars with you, so the perception of excessive price inflation doesn’t sit well with me.

  57. Mirko Iovtchev (verified owner)

  58. Janine W. (verified owner)

    Always happy with your efficient and quick delivery of my replacement filter. Been using your filter now for many years, and I don’t like drinking other water, because I can taste the difference, even when I go out I take my own water bottle. Thank you all, may we have many more years together.

  59. Natalie (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery

  60. chiaw wang (verified owner)

  61. judith McKenzie (verified owner)

    I received the replacement cartridge quickly and we were grateful and it was easy to install. However a few days later I emailed the company to ask what to do about the fishy tasting water and they still haven’t responded. It is now days since I emailed, the water now tastes ok but the email site suggested I would receive a reply in minutes!

    • Ian

      Hi, Judith, our apologies. Most of the time we do get back to people fast. Somehow you slipped through the cracks. Glad to hear the taste has righted itself. In drought conditions like this we have seen it before how strange things happen!

  62. Neil Cunningham (verified owner)

    Thanks again. Greet service.

  63. Allana J. (verified owner)

    Easy online ordering, quick delivery and great communication. As I use this as an underbench system, it was disappointing that there wasn’t any installation instructions included.

    >> Hi, It’s in the manual you can get it again here https://www.alkaway.com.au/downloads/ultrastream/ultrastream-manual-final.pdf

  64. Allana J.

    Easy online ordering, quick delivery and great communication. As I use this as an underbench system, it was disappointing that there wasn’t any installation instructions included.

    >> Hi, It’s in the manual you can get it again here https://www.alkaway.com.au/downloads/ultrastream/ultrastream-manual-final.pdf

  65. Marjorie Leggett (verified owner)

    love the filter can taste the difference again with new one.

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product

  67. Catherine Phillips (verified owner)

    As always – great products and very fast delivery. Thank you.

  68. Maureen (verified owner)

    The product is excellent but I received the replacement filter without any installation instructions enclosed.

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Being using it for few years and it is great!

  70. Heta (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my Alkaway filter.

  71. Julie Mckee (verified owner)

    Is it normal for a white residue to be visible on glass after dinking the water. Also seems to have a slightly soapy taste.!

    • Ian

      Hey julie,

      Yes it is. We were given the choice of ultrapure ingredients that have that effect, or less pure ones that fully dissolve! We chose the purity over the convenience. I’m using the new Alkaway greens and I add my tsp of AlkalIne booster, then blend it. This overcomes the grittiness.

  72. Doug Wakefield (verified owner)

  73. Jennifer Kennedy (verified owner)

    Our replacement cartridge arrived in record time! Thanks Alkaway!

  74. Laura Fett (verified owner)

    The fitting on my Ultrastream machine was incompatible with the filter you sent. I expected you would know what filter to send given you supplied the original machine.
    When I asked for a fitting which would fit properly your person told me to send photos? Photos of what? I work full time and don’t have the energy to frig around sorting this out. So I asked my son make a part in his workshop and he got it working properly.
    I am very disappointed that you did not supply the correct part and that you then wanted me to provide evidence which you should already have since you sold me the original unit.
    I have been a customer of yours for many years and have, previously, recommended your company.
    This would never have happened with Leon.

    • Ian

      hi, Laura, thanks for your blast.

      it IS a problem. Every new faucet released (all from China) seems to have a new thread! We supply a range of adapters that fit (we estimate) 95% of faucets and we have imported a range of special faucet adapters for people who have the misfortune to buy a new ‘naughty’faucet with non-standard thread size or access.

      We do take it very seriously and it’s something all water filter vendors share.

      We are just now finishing a web page for a new form of controller that doesn’t attach to your faucet at all. It requires a small hole in your sink or benchtop but it works well, looks good, and is very sturdy.

      By the Way Leon is still here. He’s our longest serving team member!

      You must have a very competent son!

  75. Greg B. (verified owner)

    Top job

  76. Ian L. (verified owner)

  77. Anonymous (verified owner)

  78. John Blanken (verified owner)

  79. Leonie (verified owner)

    Fast, efficient delivery. Great product technology.

  80. Gregory Hicks (verified owner)

    Solid product….delivers ultra clean water.

  81. Timothy crowley (verified owner)

  82. Robert L. (verified owner)

    This was a replacement cartridge for our existing excellent and most effective filter. I have had water filters for more than 30 years, this is by far the best ever.

  83. Alla Redigolo (verified owner)

  84. Graham Cotter (verified owner)

  85. Gary H. (verified owner)

  86. Mervyn (verified owner)

    Although we have no issues with the filter, the prices are going up every year and we may have to switch to another solution with more reasonable replacement costs.

    • Ian

      Yes, Mervyn, I know. And am painfully aware. With volume comes savings but the fall of the US dollar from $1.10 to under $0.70c hasn’t helped us. We are always seeking better ways to do things and our new model, still the subject of much discussion and work, will have simpler and hopefully less costly filter replacements. One very good thing about the UltraStream is that it won’t go out of date. When the new one comes you’ll simply order a new filter and get a new Ultrastream>


  87. Fiona Reynolds (verified owner)

    All good, thank you.

  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

  89. Jarmila T. (verified owner)

    Great product excellent service. Highly recommended!

  90. John Maddy (verified owner)

    efficient service with prompt delivery

  91. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Happy with the replacement purchase.

  92. Peter Martyn (verified owner)


  93. Wayne Rigg (verified owner)

  94. Karen Hayes (verified owner)

    Just wish I could have bought the one without The stainless steel as mine was just fine to reuse. I thought I was buying just a replacement cartridge. Tell me how to do that next time.

  95. Tristan (verified owner)

  96. Glenn (verified owner)

    Always excellent service from this company

  97. roland short (verified owner)

    Great product ,have been using it for many years now , very happy👍

  98. vincent moleta (verified owner)

    Ordered on Jul 23, still waiting for delivery as at Aug 7 !!

  99. david parkinson (verified owner)

  100. Grazyna Durak (verified owner)

  101. Russell Z. (verified owner)

    excellent product and service. Thanks

  102. Ian Johnstone (verified owner)

    Have bee using for a number of years. I can’t drink tap water now!

  103. Andrina (verified owner)

    Great filtration system and very good customer service.

  104. Anonymous (verified owner)

    have been using for 4 years and are totally satisfied

  105. Martin Harris (verified owner)

    No problem all delivered and fitted well thank you,

  106. Diana Killen (verified owner)

    I recommend the Ultrastream to all my nutritional clients. I’m very happy with it.

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

  108. Ruth Wallis (verified owner)

    The service was fantastic, have ordered before, and the product is everything we need. Couldn’t be happier with Alkaway and their service and product.

  109. cathie (verified owner)

    fast reliable replacement filter . would recommend

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We love this pure, soft water! It helps us to be motivated to DRINK OFTEN! So worth it! Thanks Alkaway.

  111. Anonymous (verified owner)

  112. Kristy Porter (verified owner)

  113. Libby Dodd (verified owner)

    Wonderful reminder from Alkaway and quick service and delivery

  114. Tony Duguid (verified owner)

  115. Howe Hee (verified owner)

    Great product services and shipping arrangement from understanding customer service team, thanks.

  116. Megan Pang (verified owner)

    Happy with the products and services

  117. Norman (verified owner)

  118. Ian G. (verified owner)

  119. Greg Tombs (verified owner)

    Quick response to order and delivery

  120. David Graham (verified owner)

    Ian, team – love your work – cheers – David Graham

  121. Annette (verified owner)

  122. Christine S. (verified owner)

    Service is always prompt

  123. Jamie (verified owner)

  124. LACH MCPHIE (verified owner)

    Love this water

  125. Mark Kruse (verified owner)

    We love the water from this filter, makes it extremely hard to drink normal tap water

  126. andrew (verified owner)

  127. Rochelle Doukas (verified owner)

    Great service and the best water to drink.

  128. Samantha (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quick delivery of my replacement cartridge and the UltraStream unit is a must for every household!

  129. LARRY ADAMS (verified owner)

    Excellent , very happy with Alkaway , as allways :o)

  130. Ian (verified owner)

    Yes happy with the delivery of replacement filter

  131. Billie Hicks (verified owner)

    It arrived as ordered – did take some time getting here however.

  132. Joy (verified owner)

    The water quality is absolutely pristine, truly luscious to drink, and when used to make my tea, its simply delicious, it really makes the pure flavour of the tea shine through as its supposed to! I am completely satisfied with this product.

  133. Jacqueline Szemes (verified owner)

    Speedy service, very happy

  134. Harriet Clutterbuck (verified owner)

    It’s good that you send reminders when it’s time to change the filter otherwise I might not get around to it. And as always the staff are friendly and helpful

  135. Anonymous (verified owner)

    could be cheaper

  136. Harold Blake (verified owner)

    Holidays too long in the hottest most water comsuming part of the year..

  137. Almeda Peer (verified owner)

  138. Edward Burk (verified owner)

  139. Anonymous (verified owner)

  140. Shiralee W. (verified owner)

  141. Jenie Simpson (verified owner)

    Quick service 👍

  142. Gary Macri (verified owner)

  143. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best filter we ever used!

  144. Alan Everett (verified owner)

  145. Anonymous (verified owner)

  146. Barry Jackson (verified owner)

    A great water filter& great service.
    Thank you

  147. Simona Milea (verified owner)

  148. Mike H. (verified owner)

    Excellent water filter. We would love to have the under sink model, but that will have to come later!

  149. Angie McKenzie (verified owner)

    Very quick to send and good communication as well as good product

  150. John McKay (verified owner)

    Great product, great service

  151. Brian (verified owner)

    Easy to install replacement cartridge (anyone could do it), up and running with great water within the hour. Would of course recommend to others.

  152. Sharree C. (verified owner)

    Fantastic water filter system and so easy to replace yr filter each year.

  153. Irene Veltman (verified owner)

    Love the taste

  154. Henriette Muys (verified owner)

    Great product, great service

  155. Peta T. (verified owner)

  156. Matthew Tulk (verified owner)

    excellent turn around

  157. Garry Harrison (verified owner)

    Pleasure to do business with you. Will be in touch when a replacement filter is required.

  158. Susan (verified owner)

    Love the ease and longevity of this amazing filter for Sydney water! Definitely worth $250 per year!

  159. Stefan Atanassoff (verified owner)

    all in good order

  160. Mark W. (verified owner)

  161. barbel vogeley (verified owner)

    very good

  162. Kim B. (verified owner)

    Very happy!

  163. Tom Bunko (verified owner)

  164. Russell T. (verified owner)

    Arrived very quickly, easy to install. I didn’t realise how dirty the old filter was. Would be really good if I could recycle the old filter somehow – hate sending it to landfill 🙁

  165. Roger Griffiths (verified owner)

  166. Lana (verified owner)

    Always a fabulous product, used them for years.

  167. Christine S. (verified owner)

    We love our filter, we have been happily supplied for over 4 years now. Even in these uncertain times the warmth and service remains. I definitely will continue to support this wonderful Australian business!

  168. Nick Matthews (verified owner)

    Speed of delivery great. Could you provide a water pH tester as well please?

  169. Julia H. (verified owner)

    Great water! Fast service!

  170. Anne-Marie (verified owner)

    Great products easy straightforward ordering and delivery. Never had a problem with the company. I’m a return purchaser

  171. Anonymous (verified owner)

  172. Carol O’Connell (verified owner)

  173. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Great product, swift service

  174. Nanditā Jackson (verified owner)

    This is a truly excellent product!
    We are very pleased to have the Ultrastream in our house. The water quality is amazing – our bodies feel well hydrated, healthy and happy! Thank you Ian and team at Alkaway for your research and development of the Ultrastream.
    We can highly recommend this product – you will be as pleased as we are with it!

  175. Ann-Marie von Douglas (verified owner)

    Always perfect, but this time a bit of a hiccup because the address line was not complete and the delivery was returned to you and delayed. Doesn’t affect the quality of the water however! 🙂

  176. Neil (verified owner)

  177. Brendan Wilkie (verified owner)

  178. Andy F. (verified owner)

  179. Renee (verified owner)

  180. Jeannine Andrews (verified owner)

    You got the colour wrong but notified us. All good

  181. Walter H. (verified owner)

    It fittet.

  182. Anonymous (verified owner)

  183. Gail Dillon (verified owner)

  184. Jason Garde (verified owner)

  185. Shane D. (verified owner)

  186. Dereck (verified owner)

  187. Joy Watson (verified owner)

    Pleased to see less waste

  188. Melissa (verified owner)

  189. Jodie (verified owner)

    Always can tell the difference when we put a new cartridge in 🙂

  190. Karen McPaul (verified owner)

  191. Bob L. (verified owner)

    Whats to say, I got exactly what I asked for

  192. Josef Wild (verified owner)

    as above.

  193. Edward Enoka (verified owner)


  194. dean s. (verified owner)

    I have been using the ultrastream for about 5 years and love the quality of water I consume.

  195. Roslyn (verified owner)

  196. Diane Bourke (verified owner)

  197. alan harrison (verified owner)

    All good but the cost is making it difficult to justify the outlay each year

  198. Brigitte (verified owner)

  199. Lyndsay Fenwick (verified owner)

    Great makes drinking water so easy

  200. Howe Hee (verified owner)

    I certainly support the idea of reusing and thus reducing environmental load. However, to encourage people to be environmentally friendly, the price of the filter should reduced as the material costs for the overall product is reduced (no SS sleeve and cap are removed).

  201. Tracy C. (verified owner)

    Seriously Easy to Replace

  202. Anonymous (verified owner)

  203. Merlin Baker (verified owner)

  204. Les Lavis (verified owner)

  205. Helen R. (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product. I have been using it for many years

  206. Anonymous (verified owner)

  207. Graeme Gingell (verified owner)

    Been using for 5 years…all good

  208. ChristineChristine Hollow (verified owner)

  209. michael nicholls (verified owner)

  210. Robert Bacon (verified owner)

  211. tim morris (verified owner)

  212. Imants Kins (verified owner)

  213. Anthony Wilson (verified owner)

    Does a great filtering job for such a compact unit.

  214. Phillip Herbert (verified owner)

  215. Lisa Mollison (verified owner)

    great !

  216. Russell Workman (verified owner)

  217. Michael Stevenson (verified owner)

    we have been using alkaline water products from Alkaway for 15 years now and the Ultrastream water filter is among the best providing beautiful wet tasty water that we know is safe to drink

  218. Neil (verified owner)

  219. Dean Rees-Evans (verified owner)

  220. Chris (verified owner)

    Love this water filter, you can certainly taste the difference.

  221. Amy G. (verified owner)

    Love this Alkaway system!! Best water.

  222. Lucas C. (verified owner)

  223. Stephen Williams (verified owner)

    Great quality product

  224. Liz R. (verified owner)

  225. Anonymous (verified owner)

  226. Alessandra FAVARO (verified owner)

    Superb service

  227. Kristine E.

  228. Anonymous

  229. Sara Louise George Harrison

  230. Megan

    Awesome product

  231. Megan

    Awesome product

  232. Carolyn

  233. Anonymous

  234. Nicholas I.

  235. Aaron S.

  236. Diane

    very expensive with delivery costs on top!

  237. Stephen Mifsud

    Its initial the purchase cost of the filter is high however over the years I have realised how cheap it really is.

  238. Andy A.

    After three years on AlkaWay, I don’t ever want to go without it.

  239. Libby Dodd

  240. Melissa

    Great product

  241. Mark Kruse

    Best water!

  242. Derek Wagner

  243. Andrea C.

    This filter makes such a difference to the taste of the water. We’ve invested in this system for the last 5-6 years and wouldn’t be without it.

  244. Roberta Chircop

  245. Ivan Kaplun

    Great product

  246. Ivan Kaplun

    Great product

  247. Janine

  248. Leonie

    My Ultrastream water filter is an essential part of my life – I never want to be without the wonderfully heathy, pure, alkaline h20 it provides me!
    My recent purchase of a replacement cartridge is actually my 3rd one – with my everyday usage of this water filter system I replace the cartridge every 12 -16 months to ensure its working properly. It’s just a single person household use for me.

  249. Annette

    Once a year replacement works for me.

  250. Annette

    Once a year replacement works for me.

  251. Wendy C.

    A quality product as always. Thank you very much.

  252. Megan

    Awesome product

  253. Ivan Kaplun

    Great product

  254. Megan

    Awesome product

  255. Ivan Kaplun

    Great product

  256. Megan

    Awesome product

  257. Ivan Kaplun

    Great product

  258. Harriet Clutterbuck (verified owner)

    We like this filtered water

  259. Merilyn Baker (verified owner)

  260. Huon Feitscher (verified owner)

    Love the product that’s why I keep buying year after year

  261. Adrian (verified owner)

  262. Ashley Hearl (verified owner)

    Love This Product

  263. Ron Harris (verified owner)

  264. Carol O’Connell (verified owner)

  265. Helga J. (verified owner)

  266. maria (verified owner)

  267. Graham R. (verified owner)

  268. Walter (verified owner)

  269. Natalie Gina (verified owner)

  270. Johnny (2798) (verified owner)

  271. Jade (verified owner)

  272. Annette

    Once a year replacement works for me.

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