Hydrogen Water Generator
Hydrogen Water Generator System – HiGen 1+
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Hydrogen Water Generator System – HiGen 1+

$1,999.00 inc. GST

Revolutionary Higen 1+ hydrogen water generator has advanced PEM technology with a stylish, easy to use design. Higen 1+ dispenses 3 levels of hydrogen water, purified water, and ozone water.


  • 3 levels of hydrogen water (High, Mid and Low)
  • Up to 1,200ppb of dissolved hydrogen
  • 1,000 and 1,000’s of microbubbles in every glass
  • Dispenses purified, softened water
  • Dispenses ozone water for cleaning vegetables
  • Sensor monitored filter lifespan
  • 3000L or 12 months filter lifespan
  • Automatic cleaning and water drainage system
  • Utilizes special clearance membranes incorporating advanced technologies
  • No ozone or unpleasant odour in drinking water
  • Ceramic valves that do not malfunction
  • 2-year warranty parts and labour
  • Easy to install and use
  • only suited for town water supply

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Hydrogen Water Generator – HiGen 1+

  • Easy to use hydrogen water generator dispenses 3 levels of hydrogen water (High, Mid and Low), purified water, and disinfected and sterilized,
  • Rich in minerals – Innovative technology that produces water containing  up to 1,200ppb of dissolved hydrogen,
  • Utilizes a special clearance membrane-type electrolytic cell system incorporating advanced PEM technology,
  • No ozone or unpleasant odour – Ceramic valves that do not malfunction,
  • Sensor to monitor and manage the lifespan of the filter and the expiry date – Sensor Chip implemented a control system for detecting usage and lifespan of filter,
  • Automatic cleansing and drainage of stagnant water from the filter,
  • Electrolysis for more sanitary auto cleansing and water drainage after usage.

HiGen 1+ manual

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Hydrogen water potential

A number of major domestic and international research institutes are paying attention to the possibility of hydrogen water. As of 2020, there are about 1000 papers involved.

Hydrogen water is water with infused hydrogen (H2). Yes, we know water has H2 in its H2O. The water produced by the HiGen 1+ contains MUCH MORE H2… and it’s a very, very big deal for home health management.

Every glass of HiGen water you and your family drink will be packed full of health-giving Hydrogen – the smallest but most powerful molecule.

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Hydrogen water

HiGen 1+ has 3 hydrogen water settings – up to 1,200ppb of dissolved hydrogen. Hydrogen water acts as a…

  • Selective antioxidant
    • Molecular hydrogen helps supports our own natural antioxidant (Glutathione) production in our bodies. Hydrogen is much more effective than any other antioxidant products because it has been shown to ignore beneficial metabolic clean-up radicals. It selectively eliminates hydroxyl radicals that cause disease and aging.
  • Anti-inflammatory
    • Studies indicate hydrogen may actually enhance our body’s natural anti-inflammation cycle. Studies have shown that post-workout stress can be greatly reduced by hydrogen.
  • Helps cell signalling
    • Every second our body triggers and sends millions of signals to our organs, cells, muscles etc. Studies indicate hydrogen can support the performance of our body’s cell signalling system. So a better signalling system supports a healthier body.

Clean purified water

The HiGen +1 also has a purified water setting. Removing the residual chemicals in your drinking water makes it taste great and more palatable. Some tap water smells of chlorine and can have a strange aftertaste. This filter helps remove these contaminants and dispenses great tasting water.

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Ozone Water

The ozone water setting produces sterilizing ozone water which is not for drinking but is used to clean and revitalize fruits and vegetables. Deep cleaning ozone water ensures your greens are ultimately clean. It is not for drinking but for cleaning and sanitizing.

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Why choose the KYK hydrogen water generator – HiGen 1+

  • KYK Know-how
    • Water science combined with South Korean research since 1980. KYK know-how accumulated through 40 years of study.
  • R&D
    • KYK Corporate affiliated Research Institute Operation.
    • KYK Research Institute striving to develop the best products available today and for the future.
  • Certified and Patented
    • GMP, CE, FDA, UL NRTL, FCC, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO140001,
    • SASO, TRF, EMC HALAL, etc.
    • There are a lot of certificates and over 130 patents.
  • Tritan™ BPA-free cell wall material
    • Since 2019, KYK has been using Tritan™ materials that are safe from BPA (Bisphenol A), an environmental hormone in electrolytes. Most competitors still use ABS cell wall material, which is not safe from BPA. The Hydrogen water generator uses Tritan™ as the cell wall material.
  • 99.99% Platinum
    • The hydrogen water generator and all other KYK products use 99.99% pure platinum. Used platinum is not reused.  Many competitors use low purity platinum or reused platinum.
  •  100% Total Inspection The hydrogen water generator and all other KYK products are only released from the QA department after 100% of the products coming off the production line are inspected.
    • Only products that have passed strict standards such as visual inspection, operation test, water leak inspection and performance tests are released.
  • High-performance Filter
    • The hydrogen water generator like all KYK filters uses high-end, high-quality filter material. Quality makes a difference.
  • PEM Technology
    • The hydrogen water generator and all other KYK uses state-of-the-art PEM technology to isolate ozone and to generate highly pure hydrogen.
  • Supplying to over 50 Countries
    • KYK exports products to China, India, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Chile, Russia, the Philippines, Mauritius, Italy, Romania, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Canada, Croatia, Iran, Kuwait, Spain, Australia, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Polynesia, Finland, Qatar, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Central Africa, Slovenia, Brazil, Taiwan, Ukraine, UAE South Africa, Panama, France, Britain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Lithuania, Israel, Japan and more…

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Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 22 × 32.5 cm


Higen 1+ Hydrogen Water Generator Specification

Product size: 220(w) x 322(h) x 100(d)mm
Water dispensing method: Tankless system / Premium ceramic valves
Rated voltage: AC220V, 60Hz
Electrolytic cell: Clearance membrane
Filter control: A system with an embedded filter chip and main control board to control the usage amount and period
ORP Max.: -ORP Max.: – 620mV, Avg.: – 410mV
Electromagnetic wave Certification No. (MSIP): MSIP-REM-K72-kykhizen3plus
Weight: 2.4kg
Water purification filter: 1 premium complex filter
Power consumption: 70W
Hydrogen content: Max.: Up to 1,200 ppb
Hydrogen generation technology: Patented technology for generating high-quality hydrogen Mg-free and Ozone-free hydrogen water
Electrical Safety Certification No.: XH070308-17001A


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