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    Carl B. (verified owner)

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    Michael S (store manager)

    Just a quick note to say I received the Q-Mist a bit over a week ago and I have been trying it twice a day on my head, face, and even my neck below the chin, I thought with the cold weather that it would be too cold to use it but it is a very refreshing and pleasant experience and I am sure I can already see some difference in my face with sagging skin and wrinkles, I am using the water from my UltraStream and I am enjoying using this product, I have only charged it once and it is a very quick easy product to use and convenient.

    Q-Mist - The Hydrogen Water DiffuserQ-Mist – The Hydrogen Water Diffuser

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    Kerri (verified owner)

    Much better than the original diverter that we got 2 years ago

    Flow DiverterFlow Diverter

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    Peter Phillips-Vass (verified owner)

    Great product. I have happily purchased a few different products from Alkaway over the last few years & will continue to do so.

    AlkaWay OKO Water Filter BottleAlkaWay OKO Water Filter Bottle

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    Luke Mesiti (verified owner)

    Love the rocket fuel, i work 14 hour days and train for soccer 4 times a week aswell as heavy gym routine 3 times a week and i am always buzzing with energy. I had a month without out it and i couldn’t believe the difference. I drink 15ml 3 times daily and take it before i workout/train/play. My recovery is always quick too compared to the other players.

    I Love O2 - Liquid Oxygen - Rocket Fuel OxygenI Love O2 – Liquid Oxygen – Rocket Fuel Oxygen

  6. e3294641b6ec9169b906c7e8527c41a5?s=60&r=g

    Graeme (verified owner)

  7. 8e35c207b09f146ec2d09acf58a4941a?s=60&r=g

    Edward Zawalski (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with the response and wonderful service. Will certainly be using these guys again

    AlkaWay Diagnostic pH Test StripsAlkaWay Diagnostic pH Test Strips

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    Edward Zawalski (verified owner)

    Pity the app mentioned inside the front cover of the book could be found in the app store

    Acid Alkaline Food Guide (Book)Acid Alkaline Food Guide (Book)

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    Egon (verified owner)

  10. 56cc6e82073b61186eb8ce3d9f5513b5?s=60&r=g

    Egon (verified owner)

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    John Templeton (verified owner)

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    Igor Antoniak (verified owner)

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    Kay G. (verified owner)

    Love my water filter! Great service, quick delivery.

    Biostone PLUS - Heavy Metal Protection - Replacement FilterBiostone PLUS – Heavy Metal Protection – Replacement Filter

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    Alan Saunders (verified owner)

  15. 14f40c3c954549d030786c0b8ab0ce9e?s=60&r=g

    margaret bale (verified owner)

  16. fe1f751e4a40247f39e8890d3ec0ecc4?s=60&r=g

    jennifer brown (verified owner)

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    Mark (verified owner)

    No problems, all good.

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had completely forgotten the set up rule and did not find any hints on the box about how long to run the filter. I could not work out what was wrong with our foul tasting water at first. I threw the first 2 lts but had forgotten to run it for 20 mins. Please include these details on the box more clearly. I had to do an internet search to find what was wrong. God knows what I have drunk- carbon I suspect!

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

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    BRIAN HANSEN (verified owner)

  20. fa347187105a6adbc5070b9b7b9c2f3e?s=60&r=g

    BRIAN HANSEN (verified owner)

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    Claire (verified owner)

    Better than the plastic version. Love my bench top water filter.

    Flow DiverterFlow Diverter

  22. d0f7ce8b4ba3c8ae1bf72bc40bbe12ce?s=60&r=g

    Eric Young (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient service, thank you

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

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    John Blanken (verified owner)

  24. eca9e18e5080901119ab665c875a505d?s=60&r=g

    Tom Bunko (verified owner)

  25. eca9e18e5080901119ab665c875a505d?s=60&r=g

    Tom Bunko (verified owner)

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