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  1. Nothing happened . Good way to waste 120 bucks for a sip of unpleasant water .

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  2. I had moved address since I last ordered from you and despite entering my new address for the delivery, your system invoiced me as if I was at my old address. This concerned me greatly that you might send the product to the incorrect address. So I called as soon as I received the invoice and left a message and also emailed requesting someone to call me to see if the product had gone to the old address. No one contacted me. I called again and the person who answered had no idea I’d called or emailed. He could not be sure whether the product had been delivered to the correct address as it had already been dispatched. I just had to wait and hope! For a product that is $260 with delivery, that is a lot to expect of a customer who entered the correct details only for your system to revert to an old address.

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  3. Not for me unfortunately, gave me quite bad nausea.

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  4. Unfortunately the taste for me is not palatable, tried it with water and then juice. I just cannot stomach it at all. Sorry about this review, just my experience.

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  5. I’m sorry but I don’t like the bottle at all ,it’s hard to sip out of doesn’t give a good flow, the plastic bottle feels cheap and the water goes hot in it quick.

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  7. I haven’t perceived any difference after taking the tablets for a week.

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  8. Have not experienced any difference at all in my energy levels.

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  9. The fitting on my Ultrastream machine was incompatible with the filter you sent. I expected you would know what filter to send given you supplied the original machine.
    When I asked for a fitting which would fit properly your person told me to send photos? Photos of what? I work full time and don’t have the energy to frig around sorting this out. So I asked my son make a part in his workshop and he got it working properly.
    I am very disappointed that you did not supply the correct part and that you then wanted me to provide evidence which you should already have since you sold me the original unit.
    I have been a customer of yours for many years and have, previously, recommended your company.
    This would never have happened with Leon.

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  10. I am sorry, but it doesn’t do anything for me, other than make me bloated and unwell. ( I had such high hopes) I will try again in a week or so.

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  11. My tap is too small for the fittings provided so I can’t use it unfortunately

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store rating4.88 / 5
product rating4.78 / 5
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