Inline Flow Diverter
Inline Flow Diverter

Inline Flow Diverter


Inline Flow Diverter

The Inline Flow Diverter is designed for a faucet with a pull out spray mixer. Water is diverted into a 1/4” tube that connects directly to your UltraStream (learn more about the UltraStream water filter).

Installation is simple. Simply unscrew the sprayer head, screw in the Inline Diverter and screw the sprayer head back on… it’s that easy!

If the thread is smaller than the Australian standard size of 1/2″ NPT, then add the 3/8″ adapters to your purchase. As it would be the most likely next size (3/8″ NPT).

  • This diverter valve allows you to switch between the tap water from your faucet and filtered water from the unit.
  • The tubing attaches snuggly to the compression connection and diverts the water to the filtration unit.
  • Simply pull the as the water is running and water is diverted.
  • Material is polished chrome-plated lead-free brass.

Unsure of what size you need?
Take your faucet sprayer head to a local hardware store to find the exact thread size.



Inline Flow DiverterInline Flow Diverter

The Inline Flow Diverter is designed to be used when installing the UltraStream to a faucet with a pull out spray mixer.

Note: Water can only flow through the diverter valves in one direction from male to female. If the diverter pin does not remain out when the faucet is on full pressure, this means the diverter has been installed incorrectly (See faucet image below).

Installing the inline flow diverter;Inline Flow Diverter

  • Pull out the sprayer and unscrew the head (keep hold of the hose, do not let it go as it can be tricky to get out again).
  • Screw the inline flow diverter into the hose, then screw on the sprayer back on.
  • Connect the tap water inlet hose to the diverter.
  • This should work with most pull out sprayer faucets.
  • Turn on the tap water and pull the tab on the side of the inline flow diverter.

There are a few brands that have a smaller thread size. These will need the 3/8″ adaptors set to fit.  When ordering select the inline flow diverter with the 3/8 adapter set.




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