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  2. Good product, good company to deal with.

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  3. Sufficient information on website

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  7. Thankyou for the new filter

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  8. Absolutely LOVE how much the filter removes especially love that it removes fluoride! Wish the lid didn’t leak when pouring tho ?? Also that it was as fast as my Lifestraw filter… I know that one doesn’t filter fluoride tho like this one.

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  9. Saves us so much on bottled water. We love the peace of mind it gives us but having clean water free of junk. Our only regret is not purchasing the large one, as we are constantly refilling the pitcher.

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  10. Expensive, but works well (Note: the small tool mentioned online was not included in the box)

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  11. In one of your videos I thought I saw that there was a bottle adapter for this machine but it was not in the box. Is there an adapter? If so how much? I can not find one in your product list. So far I love it. Thanks

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  13. The usage of Aramex Courier is a bad choice as they don’t deliver to your doorstep if you live out of town (use to be Fastaway better known as Away Couries,because they were never fast)
    As in my case First lost via Aramex and a second unit was sent by Auspost to my doorstep

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  19. This ProOne filter is a great product overall! The water tastes great and it does the job! The only downside I would have to say is that it does take quite a while to refill, especially if needing filtered water quickly. If you’re able to purchase a larger/under the sink version I would definitely suggest that!

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  20. After doing an endless amount of research, I found that Proone water filters remove by far the most contaminants when compared to it’s competitors. I was looking for a replacement for my competitor system so decided to start off with purchasing this pitcher. So far, my filter has surpassed my expectations not only because of the quality of the taste of the water (VERY pure and clean tasting compared to the water filtered by my old filter), but also because the Proone filter removes the nasty chlorinated smell from my tap water!! I also plan on purchasing one of their larger stainless steel options, and a shower head since I have had such positive results. The only downside that I could find is that the filtration rate is very slow when compared to my old competitor filter.

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store rating4.88 / 5
product rating4.78 / 5
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