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Sprite Shower Filters

The World's Number .1 Shower Water Filters

The Sensational Sprite shower filters range

The Sprite Shower filters take showering to a whole new level. It reduces chlorine, sediment, bad odours and other contaminants from your shower water.  Shower in Chlorine Free water, suitable for the Whole Family.

Our sprite shower filter range will help reduce respiratory problems, removes harmful chlorine, reduces heavy metals, leave your skin feeling softer and your hair soft and silky. You will love it. And is so easy to install.

Sprite Shower filters are revolutionary and are known to be the world’s finest. Enabling everybody to enjoy chlorine free showers the world over.

Choose from a 7-Spray settings shower heads with internal filter, a hand held Universal Hose shower filter, and our biggest seller, the proven high output shower filter (see below).

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What do Sprite shower filters remove from the water?

The Chlorgon filtration media removes:

  • Free Chlorine (Cl)
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Iron oxide (rust water)
  • Dirt, sediment and Odours
  • Replacement filter 

…plus, it’s pH balanced! Our units have been NSF Certified to Standard #177 for free chlorine removal and are made in the USA. Essential for Australian water conditions.

Chlorgon converts free chlorine and some combined chlorines to a harmless chloride salt. A proprietary blend of Copper, Zinc and Calcium Sulfide, Chlorgon works well in a variety of temperatures from hot to cold.

Sprite Shower Filter Comparison

Shower Pure Filtered Showerheads

Standard High Output Filter

Hose Shower Filter

  • Cartridge Life Rating: 6 Months
  • Standard shower arm required
  • 7 Pure-Spray Filtered Settings
  • Anti-Scaling Spray Tips
  • Brass Swivel-Ball
  • Easy to change filter
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 12 Months
  • Standard shower head and arm required
  • Fast Flow High Output
  • Reversible Filter Cartridge
  • Ultra-High Strength Brass Housing
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 3 Months
  • Standard hose, shower head and wall bracket required
  • Swivel-Ball
  • Easy to change filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Shower Filters
  • Will the unit fit my pipe or shower head?

    Sprite units were manufactured to fit standard 1⁄2 inch NPT threading – the current industry standard in Austarlia. Buildings with significantly older plumbing might require an adapter.

  • What’s included with the shower filter?

    All Sprite shower systems include one replaceable filter cartridge. Additional replaceable filter cartridges are purchased separately.

  • Can I recycle used filter cartridges?

    Yes, our cartridges are recyclable. We have two easy steps to follow:

    • Carefully poke a hole in the screen of the cartridge and empty the contents into garden soil or compost heap.
    • Place the filter cartridge in with recyclables.
  • How do I activate the cartridge?

    Upon installation of a new unit or cartridge, we recommend running the water on full hot for 3-5 minutes before cooling to your desired temperature to activate the filtration media. Our media works most efficiently when the water is warmer than room temperature.

  • Do the shower filters come with a filter cartridge?

    Yes, all of our shower filters come with the first cartridge included.

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