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What is a Water Ionizer?

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Also known as; Water Ionisers, Water Alkalisers and Alkalizers

If you’ve done your research properly you’d be aware that you can get molecular hydrogen from an electric water ionizer, an UltraStream, or I LOVE H2 molecular hydrogen-producing tablets.

So if you’re serious, you’ll want to know why we aren’t recommending an electric water ioniser, given the fact that for 12 years we were Australia’s largest electric ioniser distributor. We sold the Alphion, The Melody, the Delphi, Venus, the Kangen … all electronic water alkalizers.

And yes, we sold thousands.

The truth is that we just couldn’t sell electric water alkalizers anymore.



In 2008, we envisioned a water ionizer that didn’t use power, didn’t need electronics, didn’t have complex plumbing and didn’t use electrolysis. We had our ‘envisioning’ session because we were tired of forcing clients to spend at least $2,000 to access our water.
As green-conscious people, we also didn’t like the massive water waste – almost the same as reverse osmosis systems.
And… we didn’t like the problems of calcium buildup inherent in all electronic systems.
And we didn’t like the level of filtration.

And to be honest.. a $2,500 unit electric water alkaliser made us much more money than a $599 natural water ioniser.

In 2010 we began our search. The first find was a China-made model. There just was no other product close to what we wanted. We took it and ‘worked it up’, insisting on better filter media, more reliable assembly, a number of other modifications – and instructions anyone could understand.

We eventually sold 7,000 of them – but unfortunately, we couldn’t keep the company to their promised quality standards. The idea was working well, the price was very welcome, but

we like to talk to happy customers and bad quality control is totally unacceptable.

It proved to us that customers lost nothing by choosing a ‘natural’ water ioniser instead of an electronic water alkalizer.  We embarked upon our own design, based on what we have learned over our 12 years (then) of experience.

UltraStream Water Ioniser

We use a 30-year veteran filter manufacturing company in California to construct our design. We can say proudly that the filtration efficiency of the UltraStream is far, far superior to any electric water ioniser, and the alkalizing and molecular hydrogen infusing ability has been lab-tested over the life of the filter. In fact, UltraStream is still the ONLY water ioniser ever tested for the life of its filter to PROVE its efficiency over the life of the filter.

The Big Difference

And there’s one HUGE benefit. Every time you change a filter, you get what amounts to a brand new system.

UltraStream Water Ionizer

Unlike an electric water ionizer, the ionizing, alkalizing and hydrogen-producing function is all INSIDE the replaceable filter! New filter = new hydrogen infusing system. How cool is that?

Even though we have been very successful and are proud of what we’ve achieved, it’s still difficult to persuade some people that something worth less than $600 can give water as good or better than a $4,000 electronic water ioniser. We’ve pondered this and realised that many people can’t get over the biggest marketing trick of them all: by increasing your price, people trust that you are giving better value.

What a Joke! But the Joke is on the Buyer.

We KNOW what electronic water ionisers cost to make and we KNOW that huge profits are being made from this marketing strategy. Sellers hammer you with their mantra of “Price = Quality”. The truth is that it pays them to increase the price in two ways: (a) They make more money and (b) People buy BECAUSE it’s expensive. Elsewhere on this site, you can find a detailed comparison of electric water alkalizers and the revolutionary UltraStream. You may also like to read Ian’s critique of the selling system that is used to bloat prices here.

There’s a great deal more to learn about this amazing water and you’ll find many articles, discussions, and videos on this website. The list at left is regularly updated with new informative articles and we encourage you to register for our monthly HealtheMail to keep up to date with the Hydrogen Revolution.

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