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    philip chen

    I was informed all the way

  2. 30085d5d6c2bf43ef2942d4089ef418e?s=60&r=g

    philip chen (verified owner)

  3. 30085d5d6c2bf43ef2942d4089ef418e?s=60&r=g

    philip chen (verified owner)

    It really lower my acidity and I have taken it many years first by buying from your agent in Perth. Now I have introduced to 2 of my friends who have recently also ordered them

    AlkaWay Alkaline BoosterAlkaWay Alkaline Booster

  4. ac3d925eecb71fcb8e26e7289313d72b?s=60&r=g

    Kevin OConnor

    The customer service representative was able to answer my question promptly and the unit arrived in a timely manner. Only issue that I have is that I have to buy new taps so that I can connect the unit as this dwelling doesn’t have the correct set up.

  5. ac3d925eecb71fcb8e26e7289313d72b?s=60&r=g

    Kevin OConnor (verified owner)

    Product looks good but as above haven’t had the chance to use it. Can’t rate it if I haven’t used it.

    UltraStream Benchtop - Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water FilterUltraStream Benchtop – Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Filter

  6. d1eb2fc39713ddc047037a55cf010379?s=60&r=g

    Stephen Mifsud

    Great water, great service, feel great when drinking from Alkaway filter. Have been using the filter for about 4 years now and have not regretted a single day. I recommend it to anyone who wants to drink filtered water they can trust with all the extra benefits other filters do not have.

  7. d1eb2fc39713ddc047037a55cf010379?s=60&r=g

    Stephen Mifsud (verified owner)

    Its initial the purchase cost of the filter is high however over the years I have realised how cheap it really is.

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

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  9. 293b8cf99643fc10169c2fa5126a7d76?s=60&r=g

    Peter (verified owner)

    Not for me unfortunately, gave me quite bad nausea.

    AlkaWay Alkaline BoosterAlkaWay Alkaline Booster

  10. 5811ed1e9c25b2998f4d18eae1e5e892?s=60&r=g


    Extremely efficient delivery

  11. 5811ed1e9c25b2998f4d18eae1e5e892?s=60&r=g

    Diane (verified owner)

    very expensive with delivery costs on top!

    UltraStream Replacement CartridgeUltraStream Replacement Cartridge

  12. dcfadfbedf5dfc9c5baef3549743e9af?s=60&r=g

    Aaron S.

  13. dcfadfbedf5dfc9c5baef3549743e9af?s=60&r=g

    Aaron S. (verified owner)

  14. dcfadfbedf5dfc9c5baef3549743e9af?s=60&r=g

    Aaron S. (verified owner)

  15. 613f559abdb06fd5d6c47c20847c8171?s=60&r=g

    Sarah R.

    Arrived. Easy set up. Water tastes lovely!

  16. 613f559abdb06fd5d6c47c20847c8171?s=60&r=g

    Sarah R. (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste…all the family drinking more water now…feels good to invest in our health.

    UltraStream Benchtop - Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water FilterUltraStream Benchtop – Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Filter

  17. dd5d378489a4462f8e34c97d2df5a675?s=60&r=g

    Nicholas I. (verified owner)

  18. dd5d378489a4462f8e34c97d2df5a675?s=60&r=g

    Nicholas I.

  19. 837a1556eb6c1a4b5d1b28390bc49da3?s=60&r=g


    I found molecular hydrogen easy to order. It arrived within the expected delivery times. And has been helping me immensely.

  20. 837a1556eb6c1a4b5d1b28390bc49da3?s=60&r=g

    Paxi (verified owner)

    These tablets are doing what I wanted. They are just a little expensive for my liking.

    AlkaWay Hydrogen Tablets - Sports SupplementAlkaWay Hydrogen Tablets – Sports Supplement

  21. de6f23b7b8deac3796cd6c2ee4dac434?s=60&r=g


    The delivery with the one point three out of five stars company, was less traumatic this time as they just knocked on the door & dumped it. And luckily I was home to safely bring it in.
    Took me nearly two weeks to get re-delivery the last time after being out & the item being carded.
    Can’t afford a decent courier delivery company?? – I have to consider a new filter system in the future to avoid the courier company you are still using

  22. de6f23b7b8deac3796cd6c2ee4dac434?s=60&r=g

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. 273ba7028375b29b58c123b3c5a3df19?s=60&r=g

    EDWARD ALLEN (verified owner)

  24. 273ba7028375b29b58c123b3c5a3df19?s=60&r=g


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    John C

    I’ve been using an older Daulton Sterasyl 10” Ceramic filter and replaced it with one of these (CeraMetix Ceramic filters). After soaking it overnight as per the instructions, it works great and the flow rate is much better than my old one, plus the water tastes great.

    Ceramic Filter Replacement CartridgeCeramic Filter Replacement Cartridge

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