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AlkaWay Shopping Reviews

What Our Customers Say About Us

  1. John McKenny (verified owner)

  2. John McKenny (verified owner)

  3. Leonie (verified owner)

    I love this product! I take it every morning … it alkalises my system easily and gives me a good dose of all necessary minerals. I no longer suffer from occasional leg cramps either.

    AlkaWay Alkaline BoosterAlkaWay Alkaline Booster

  4. Leonie

    Very efficient order handling and quick delivery to Sydney metro.

  5. Walter (verified owner)

  6. Walter (verified owner)

  7. Walter

  8. Steph

    Since I placed this unit in my home, the quality of the water has improved greatly. I was hosing my car ending up with white dots everywhere from calcium build up now absolutely none. The smell of the water also improved. I would be curious to see how much the water would improve with 4 to 6 of this one connected to the another.

    HOMEedge Kinetic Water Energizer with FREE TRAVELedgeHOMEedge Kinetic Water Energizer with FREE TRAVELedge

  9. Sandra Fitzgerald

  10. Sandra Fitzgerald (verified owner)

  11. Marcela Baptista (verified owner)

  12. Marcela Baptista

  13. Graham R.

    Very good to do business with great products.

  14. Graham R. (verified owner)

  15. Margaret (verified owner)

  16. Margaret

    website easy to use with all the information you need on a product. The delivery was fast which was a bonus.

  17. maria (verified owner)

  18. maria (verified owner)

  19. maria

    always the best thank you

  20. Helga J. (verified owner)

  21. Helga J.

  22. jordan (verified owner)

    my last water filter was a kangen water $4000 machine and after using the UltraStream as a replacement, i can say this water filter seems to compare pretty well with the kangen, taste good and clean and the whole house is enjoying it.

    UltraStream Benchtop - Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water FilterUltraStream Benchtop – Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Filter

  23. jordan (verified owner)

    great for adding that extra % of fluride protection

    Fluoride Pre-Filter with CasingFluoride Pre-Filter with Casing

  24. jordan

  25. Patrick Buckley (verified owner)

    Only a short passage of time but so far very happy

    AlkaWay Alkaline BoosterAlkaWay Alkaline Booster

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