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What's the real cost of bottled water​

Below is a table comparing the cost of Mineral and Alkaline bottled water to the cost of UltraStream water.

It is very easy to see the over all best valued product and which is the most cost effective choice.

Bottled Water:

Price Comparison

Purified Bottle Water


Premium Bottled water


UltraStream Benchtop

(Purified, Alkaline and Mineral)

UltraStream Undersink

(Purified, Alkaline and Mineral)

Bulk buy Cost per litre*





Cost for 3,000 Litres
(12 months)*





Cost for the next 3,000 Litres
(next 12 months)*





Note: * The water bottle prices are based on an average 12 pack of water bottle on-line. Water bottle prices are only indicative only.