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Water Ionizers vs Hydrogen Generator​

Water Ionizers vs Hydrogen Generator

Water Ionizers

HiGen 1+

Inital Cost

$2,000 – 6,000+


Annual Cost (Family of 4)

1 Filter = $154.00

1 Filter = $99

Designed specifically for H2 Production



Technology Used

Electrolysis: splitting water into two streams.  Originally designed to make alkaline water by concentrating existing alkaline minerals into reduced water stream.

Proton Exchange Membrane.
Designed specifically for efficient infusion of molecular hydrogen into water.

Amount of byproduct water created as a result of creating drinking water

Approx. 50% Acidic water

Approx  5% Ozone water

Tritan Cell (No Bisphenol-A)

Unknown. Most  Ionizers use Polycarbonate plastic which contains Bisphenol-A.


Need to adjust pH, flow rate and electrical charge to optimise hydrogen infusion


No. Molecular hydrogen is infused using PEM technology. H2 level remains steady. 

Design permits use of mains pressure water

Some yes, some no.


Ceramic valves



Annual return to seller for deep cleanse to maintain warranty.



Ability to vary pH, ORP and H2 levels

Yes but dependent upon TDS of input water combined with voltage of electricity passed through water. Inefficient for pure water, high acid water or high alkaline water.

Yes. Button select of 3 levels of H2 infusion

Constant Molecular Hydrogen levels

No. Dependent upon 2-weekly cleaning regime and periodic return-to-vendor clean.


Filtration Prior to H2 production



Power Consumption

up to 1200 watts

70 watts



Small 🙂

The Big Question: How Much H2 do I get per litre?

Ability to maintain H2 production without regular cleanse routine

Most units need regular cleanse routine every 2 weeks to maintain H2 levels


Designed for H2 Production



What you can expect in H2 levels

Up to 1ppm but always depending on how well and regularly you cleanse the plates in the machine.

1.1 to 1.2 ppm 

Hydrogen Water Generator

Summary:  More H2 for less $.

HiGen1+ was designed by KYK Corp, pioneer in Korean water sciences. 
KYK has been making electric water ionizers for over two decades. Their decision to pivot to dedicated H2 technology is significant. They understand that electrolysis has had its day.

They see their future in harnessing the best technology for the most H2.

The question we suggest you ask yourself is..

~Why am I considering this?
~What do I want?

If it’s a bigger machine with more buttons and functions you may never use, buy an electric water ionizer.

If you are happy to perform a 20 minute cleaning regimen every two weeks to maintain H2 output, buy a water ionizer.

If you are willing to spend triple the value of the HiGen1+, buy a water ionizer.

If you are here because you have decided that H2 offers improved health, performance and vitality, the choice is simple: buy the system that gives you the best and most consistent, easiest to maintain molecular hydrogen rich water.

Finally, if you are wondering who you should purchase from, these facts may be helpful:

  • We are the original water ionizer company in Australia. (2000)
  • We are the only fulltime water ionizer company in Australia.
  • We have seen no less than 8 different water ionizer vendors come and go in Australia in that time.
  • We are established: we operate from our own offices in Byron Bay.
  • Our 8-strong team is here to support you.
  • We are dedicated to helping people with the knowledge we’ve been privileged to gain.
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