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Ian Blair Hamilton AlkaWay alkaline expert

Ian Blair Hamilton – CEO & Co-Founder

Ian is regarded by many as an ‘elder’ of alkaline philosophy.

He has been practising and studying the alkaline way of life for over 13 years. His HealtheMail blog has become the most popular in the industry and he always has the latest news on better ways to maintain health through diet.

Ian shares his research and news in his HealtheMail newsletters once a month.

These give you a summary of his important blog posts, news of the international alkaline movement, and occasionally, member-only special deals – not available to the general public.

When you subscribe you’ll receive an email from us. This is to ensure that you are really YOU and requires a simple click to confirm. With it we will include downloads of some of Ian’s best articles and, if you would like, his Alkaline Defence Program, a ten-part instructional course on alkaline philosophy.

We maintain important websites that provide updated information from around the world on alkaline water and diet. If that is of interest to you, sign up to our HealtheMail today!

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Feedback from readers

Another brilliant newsletter. Thank you Ian!         Jo M.

Where do you get that stuff? Your content is amazing.         Sarah H.

I have learnt so much.   Leticia J.