TRAVELedge Kinetic Water Energizer

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Great Tasting, Healthy Water ‘on tap’ Wherever You Roam.

If you’re a person on the go, renting an apartment, caravanning or boating or simply can’t live without access to your favourite energised water where ever you may go then this is 
for you!

The  TRAVELedge is a must-have for savvy and health conscious people as it supplies on demand chemical neutralised and energised water anywhere at any time. Just attach to any shower or tap and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the sweet taste and feel of safe energised water.

From Ironbark Creek to Istanbul you’ll always have fresh, healthy energised water on tap.

“Everybody should have the Ph Perfect energised water system in their home for better health.”
Dr. Alan Hadley BM BS FACNEM

TRAVELedge System is a small, convenient device you can take anywhere.

Independent Griffith University Test Results  Shows 99.2% Free Chlorine Removal, 29.7% Fluoride removal!
For 99.999% protection we recommend the TRAVELedge and UltraStream combination.

Users carry TRAVELedge for..

  • International travel especially when the local supply is suspect
  • Caravan and camping
  • Anywhere you need healthy energised/structured water for drinking and showering.
  • See below for installation information

Lots more information here



TRAVELedge kinetic water energizer will ‘precondition’ water inline to your UltraStream or any other water system. Its ability to convert calcium from CaCO3 to non-sticky Aragonite means longer filter life and less accretion of calcium inside your filter.
Or take it on your mobile home travels to convert risky, sour water at distant campsites to champagne water.

Installation: TravelEdge can be connected to almost anything.
If you are using it as a water pre-conditioner for your water filter or the UltraStream then please give us a call and we can supply the appropriate in/out snap fittings.

Additional information

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 9 × 9 cm


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