Qlife Hydrogen water bottler
Qlife Hydrogen Water Bottle
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Qlife Hydrogen Water Bottle

$329.00 inc. GST

Qcup Max Hydrogen Water Bottle – Enhance Mind and Body. Feel young again. Improve your overall well being.

Get portable hydrogen-rich water in minutes.

  • Experience better health, drink hydrogen-rich water
  • Infuses water with pure molecular hydrogen (H2)
  • Best in class up to 3000-4000 ppb hydrogen water*
  • Latest 9 Layers SPE/PEM dual-chamber technology
  • High-pressure food grade lid & flask design
  • 240ml classic style in clean white
  • Working time: up to 15 times per charge*
  • Superfast USB Type-C charging
  • 1-year warranty

* Depends on source water.

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Qlife Hydrogen Water Bottle

Introducing Qcup Max: The Most Powerful Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle by Qlife


“It’s some magical water. After a good workout this water hydrates me better and I can feel it working right away to help my body heal. There’s something special about this water.”



Research has shown that hydrogen water could be one of the best ways to hydrate faster to help maintain our health. Hydrogen (H2) water has been shown to search and eliminate some of the toxins in our bodies. Start reducing your toxic load by drinking Qcup Max Hydrogen Water today.

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Drinking 2-3 Litres of Hydrogen-rich water a day is like eating plates of superfoods. Improve your energy levels and boost toxin elimination. Combine drinking hydrogen-rich water from the Qcup Max Hydrogen Water Bottle while eating a healthy superfoods diet – imagine how that will improve your health?


Studies have shown over time that drinking hydrogen-rich water may help you recover faster, look younger, aid weight control and leave you feeling great. This Qlife Hydrogen Water Bottle, the Q-Cup Max, is the most powerful hydrogen water generator. 


Drinking molecular hydrogen water conveniently from your Qcup Max Hydrogen Water Bottle may help you recover faster after workouts and maximize physical endurance, but also improve memory and sleep quality. Invest in your health by maximizing your hydrogen levels today.


The Qcup Max Hydrogen Water Bottle can generate up to 3000 ppb (3ppm) of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles in one cycle. With an additional cycle, infused hydrogen levels in the water can be up to 4000 ppb (4ppm). See nanobubbles of hydrogen in every cycle.

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Qcup Max’s platinum coated titanium plates ensure durability, safety and better conductivity when taking hydrogen water. This will make sure that the water you drink is safe and will produce high-quality hydrogen water for years. 


Using the newest SPE / PEM membrane technology from Japan promises that every time you drink from a Qlife product it’s safe. This new membrane technology combined with the correct engineering ensures that your water will be free of Ozone and Chlorine gases.

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The 9 layers dual-chamber SPE membrane is one of the critical technologies which make the Qcup Max one of the most powerful portable units. With each cycle, you will create super high concentrations of hydrogen nanobubbles. 


The newly designed high-pressure flask and lid was specifically engineered to withstand up to 6kg/cm2 of pressure. This pressure resistance is important for creating high levels of quality molecular hydrogen but also will help store the hydrogen 4x longer than other hydrogen bottles in the market.

Made from TRITAN – food grade BPA free material. It is much lighter than glass — making it easier to handle without the fear of breaking.

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Easily enjoy hydrogen water when travelling and sharing with friends. Qcup Max fits most standard water bottles you can buy in shops today.


The Type C USB Quick charging system fully charges the Q-Cup Max in just 1.5 hours, 3x faster than previous models of the Q-Cup Series. On a full charge you can make up to 15 batches of highly concentrated hydrogen water.

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Vancouver, Canada
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After drinking the water with my diet, I lost over 10 kg in only 4 months. I feel way more energized now and I love this water. I feel more hydrated throughout my day.
Chicago, IL
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It’s some magical water. After a good workout this water hydrates me better and I can feel it working right away to help my body heal. There’s something special about this water.
Robert Lam
Robert Lam
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I love the way this Qcup hydrogen water makes me feel. It’s really the best way to get the day started. My mind is more clear every day and I feel so good about myself. I recommend it to everyone I meet!
Gardena, CA
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Drinking Qcup Hydrogen Water every day has helped alleviate my allergies. I breathe better every day and I feel more energized. Thank you.


Model: WHI-1803
Water Tank Capacity: 240ml.
Dimensions: Diameter Ø61 ± 1mm, Height 195 ± 2mm.
Weight: 310g.


Lid and base Material: Food grade ABS.
Flask Body Material: Food grade PC / TRITAN – BPA Free.
Electrodes Material: Titanium + Platinum Coating.


SPE/PEM Platinium Coating Ion Membrane

Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen Generation Time: 5 minutes.
Hydrogen Concentration (1 cycle): Up to 3000 ppb.
Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP): Down to -800 mV (Depends on Water Quality).
Working Time: 1.5 hours (continuous).

Power Information

Power Adapter: Input: AC100~240V/50~60Hz, Output: DC5V/1.2A
Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 7.4V / 750 mAh
Working Time (Battery life): Up to 15 times (depending on water quality)
Charging Time: USB type C – approximately 1.5 hours


  1. The hydrogen water bottle comes from a company using proven technology we trust and understand.
  2. We’ve been testing other models and this one was the best.
  3. This model has 9 layers of electrodes that make concentrated Hydrogen water faster.
  4. It has the most advanced SPE and PEM technology. With Platinum coating Ion Membrane.
  5. You get molecular hydrogen concentrates of 3000 ~ 4000 ppb in two 5-minute cycles.  Plus you get ORP’s down to -800Mv Oxidation-Reduction.
  6. Each charge lasts up to 15 batches before needing another charge.
  7. Leave the flask at home and use a plastic bottle at the office or gym, with bottleneck adaptor sizes included for most re-usable water bottles.
  8. Premium non-toxic platinum-coated titanium electrode plates cost more but don’t leach toxic nickel, molybdenum or chromium into the water like cheap imitations.
  9. Works with all potable water types:  RO, filtered water and purified tap water. Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine from tap water are expelled into a bottom waste chamber (Some waters give better H2 levels than others).

Our experience with H2 water is that it supports our natural metabolism.

It’s not a cure-all. Yes, you may experience more energy, and other things about your health may also improve.

But remember: It supports the body’s natural functions. It supports the production of natural antioxidants such as glutathione. It supports our natural inflammatory cascade. And it may enhance immune system function.

By reading the many studies you’ll find amazing other ways it supports your health.

It is certainly possible that your body is responding positively to the Molecular Hydrogen and prefers it to regular water.

The current recognized minimum level of H2 in water is 0.3 mg per litre (mg/L). This means that you would need to drink a litre of water to get the minimum required amount.

The Hydrogen water bottle can produce up to 4.0 mg/litre. The same effect from approximately 75ml of water.

It means that if you drank a litre of H2 infused water from a Hydrogen water bottle, you’d be getting just over 13x the amount of molecular hydrogen that you would get from a $5,000 electric water ionizer (The only published independent test of an electronic ionizer produced  0.3 mg/L).

There have been no reported contraindications for the intake of molecular hydrogen.

Excess Molecular hydrogen (H2) may be excreted in breath and flatus or further metabolized by the intestinal flora.

Its singular purpose is to meet and unite with molecules that are in need of hydrogen.

So the volume of H2 molecules we absorb has a direct relationship to its ability to find and convert molecules that may be a part of a destructive element in the body.

No, the Hydrogen water bottle does not filter the water, however, unlike cheaper Hydrogen bottles, the  Qlife Q-cup Max Hydrogen water bottle will not add chlorine and ozone to the water you drink.
The special PEM membrane in the Hydrogen water bottle allows chlorine and ozone to be separated safely from the Hydrogen water.
You can use any type of still water, reverse osmosis (RO), tap water or filtered water.
We would highly recommend using filtered water… if you can use UltraStream water then you may get even better results.
When generating hydrogen, it is recommended to completely fill the Hydrogen water bottle with water for best results. As close as you can to the top.

Yes, the bubbles are a sign that the Hydrogen water bottle is working properly.

Ideally, clean the electrode plates periodically (1-3 times per month).

Dissolve 20 grams of citric acid in 200ml of warm water (50°C). Do Not Use Boiling Water. Once dissolved, pour into bottle and leave to soak for 2 hours. Then rinse 2-3 times with clean water.

The base of the Hydrogen water bottle contains electronic components, so you should avoid getting water onto the exterior of the base and the charging port and cable.

The red LED light will flash to indicate low battery power. Plug the charging cable into the device to start charging. The device will fully charge in about 1.5 hours.

The Hydrogen water bottle should run for up to 15 batches before recharging is required.
Simply leave a small amount of water in the bottom of the Hydrogen water bottle covering the electrodes/membrane.
The Hydrogen Water Bottle comes with a white plastic screw-in protective plug that covers the membrane when you are not using it.
Yes, the Hydrogen Water Bottle comes with an adaptor to attach to most regular size glass or plastic bottles.

If your main reason for spending $5,000 on an electronic ionizer is molecular Hydrogen (H2), then yes, it does replace it.

However, you still need a good water filter that removes the contaminants you don’t want in your Hydrogen Water Bottle and if that water filter produces H2 water, all the better.

The hydrogen Water Bottle fills in where the UltraStream can’t go. It’s portable.


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  1. Jenny (verified owner)

    Have always had good experience dealing with this company. My purchases – a benchtop water filter is in constant use and very happy with the water and the hydrogen water bottle takes it just a step further – we are really enjoying the taste of this water.

  2. Michael K. (verified owner)

    I take this everywhere, I charge it in the car and it doesn’t leave my side.

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