AlkaWay Glass Filtration Bottle with Silicon Cover

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This is the first glass water bottle to offer BOTH a glass bottle AND filtration.  Rediscover the purity of glass while enjoying the natural flavor of clean, filtered water in our  Surf Recycled Glass Water Bottle. The artistic design of the silicone sleeve makes this bottle a great looking accessory, while protecting the glass from breaking, since it is built with reinforced silicone and a padded base to withstand drops.

  •  Recycled glass
  •  Silicone spout, comfortable and replaceable
  •  No need to tilt when drinking
  •  Solid, padded base
  •  Reinforced silicone sleeve to protect glass
  •  Color coordinated
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  650ml
  • 28cm tall and 8cm  in diameter and weighs 0.59 grams
  • See Filter Specs below
  • Now using the MiraGuard Fastflow filters.
  • Comes with a free AlkaSachet which will deliver 100 litres of alkaline ionized super hydrating water.

Please Note:  This filter works by using  your suck to pull water through the filter.

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Out of stock

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Filter Specs:

  • Comes with a free AlkaSachet which will deliver up to 150 refills of alkaline ionized super hydrating water.
  • MiraGuard Filter* 
  • Made in the USA

If traveling outside of Australia or for the highest level of protection, we strongly advise consulting a travel expert before using filter. It may be necessary to use supplementary purification tablets or water treatment drops for the region where you are traveling.

This bottle is only for 8 years old & up. The silicone spout is a small removable part and can be torn if excessively chewed. If you note any damage to the spout, stop using and replace.


How do I clean my AlkaWay Insulated bottle?

Very easily.  We recommend warm, soapy water and air drying.  If you feel that your bottle needs a more thorough cleaning, wash it with diluted vinegar or baking soda and water.

Can I put my AlkaWay Glass Filter bottle in the Microwave?

Glass bottles are microwave safe but we would suggest you take off the silicon cover.

Can I put hot liquids in my AlkaWay Glass bottle?

No, as you could burn yourself or using boiling water may crack the glass.

What types of beverages can I put in my AlkaWay Glass bottle?

Just about anything, from  water to juice to chocolate milk, to gin or beer but not hot liquids.  Simply take out the filter and insert the spare straw and drink.

Where are your bottles made?

With the exception of some parts, our bottles are manufactured in China.  The drinking spout of the sippy bottle is made in England and the filter is made in the United States. Because this is the most common question we get, we would like you to understand the situation. We use very responsible facilities where there is respect for the workers and the environment.  We visit them on a regular basis to ensure their compliance with our high standards. All of our bottles are made with premium quality, food grade glass – the same kind many people use for eating and cooking.

Do your products contain lead, phthalates, BPA, or other harmful material?

No.  All of our products are made without the use of harmful or leaching materials and chemicals.  The silicone used to create on the spouts on our straw bottles is made from food grade silicone, a compound of the elements silicon, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. The Scout, Frost and Wave bottles use a TPR spout that is kid-safe and eco-friendly. Any plastic that we use  is 100% recyclable and free of all leaching materials.  What is TPR?  TPR stands for for Thermoplastic Rubber (also known as Thermoplastic Elastomer, or TPE).  It is a mix of rubber and plastic polymers that is highly resistant to biting, chewing, heat, and bending.  Like silicone and stainless steel, TPR is recyclable and does not contain leaching chemicals that would contaminate your water.  It is often used in medicinal practices to make catheters, and is also used in home, auto, and electrical products as insulation.  We chose it as the spout for our Kids’ Straw Bottles not only for its properties of safety, but also for its durability.

What does the filter actually filter?

*The MiraGuard Fast Flow filter is ideal for any in or out-door use; like traveling, hiking, biking, camping, fishing or for emergency purposes. It can be used with any type of water source excluding salt water such as tap or rainwater, rivers, streams or even lakes.

Is it complicated to use?

No! The bottle filter is easy to use and easy to drink through, unlike other filters that force you to use strength to pull water through, our Eco Vessel Filtration allows water to flow quickly and easily. It attaches easily to a silicone straw, and rests inside your bottle. As you drink through the straw, the water passes through the filter, leaving those harmful substances behind.

How do I know when the filter is no longer working?

Your AlkaWay Bottle filter will filter up to 380 litres of water.  Your filter will become more difficult to use, and you may notice a difference in taste of your water.  At this time, the filter is no longer working and should be replaced.

Does the filter ever need cleaning?


What is the filter’s life expectancy?

The MiraGuard filters will clean up to 500 refills, depending on your source water’s concentration of particulates.

How should the filter be maintained and stored?

You can air dry your filter and store it in a cool, dry place.  No special packaging is necessary to store it safely, but please be sure to rinse it thoroughly after extended periods of non-use.

Can the filtration bottle be used without the filter?

Yes, you can remove the filter and straw and use the bottle for any drink you wish to put into the bottle, excepting very hot liquids.

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