From Cancer to Wellness

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Prepare yourself for the compelling real life success story of Gold Coast Business Woman and mother, Mrs. Kristine S Matheson. In 2005 Kristine defied doctors and all odds by bringing herself back to perfect health after they told her she would die from ‘Terminal Stage IV Melanoma Cancer’. With tumors on her neck, lungs & behind her heart the message to Kristine was to go home and to get her affairs in order!

Learn how Kristine won the fight with cancer using all natural organic foods, herbs, health supplements, exercise, meditation and affirmations. This book is very unique as it provides an easy to follow ‘step by step’ 28 day nutritional & lifestyle program. This book is a must read’.

“Kristine Was Cancer Free in only a Few Months”

‘Supported & Recommended by Doctors and Naturopaths’

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