Alkaline Diet and Defence Program

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Cassie Bond and Ian Blair Hamilton share everything you could need to change and rebalance your life.
We’ve packed everything we have learned over 15 years of alkaline lifestyle. 


Ian Blair Hamilton AlkaWayIan: In the fifteen years I have been consulting with people about acid/alkaline balance I’ve seen amazing breakthroughs; the sort of health change that changes life from subsistent to incredible. I’ve seen people realise their dreams to live longer, healthier and happier lives. I have seen changes in the ‘big three’ disease conditions.


cassie in one inch wide ringCassie: I’ve witnessed the changes in my own life and my own family; a family that has not had a cold or flu since rebalancing our acid and alkaline lifestyle. I’ve spoken to dozens of people who have lost significant weight, without special diets or exercise regimes.I’ve talked to researchers who have tested over 60,000 people and I have seen tabulated reports documenting amazing effects on blood pressure, diabetes and insulin dependency.


What you get:


  • Our story
  • What is alkaline balance?
    Defining how the body really reacts to alkaline foods
  • Acid foods or alkaline foods
    Is it that simple? No it’s note show you why.
  • A valid philosophy?
    The Old Alkaline Diet’s fundamental errors explained.
  • The right alkaline balance
    Do we have a correct balance at any point in time, or must we rely on urine tests?
  •  Acidosis
    What it is, how it affects us.
  • The whole body approach
    Looking beyond basic alkalinity.
  • Green foods
    Best ways to ‘green up’.
  • Acid wastes
    Where do they go? How do they affect us?
  •  Alkalosis
    Can we over-alkalize? 
  • Testing your pH
    All about pH testing including its limitations and what we use now instead of urine testing.
  • Saliva or Urine?
    What each tests tells you – and doesn’t tell you!
  • Monitoring pH over time
    Graph it!
  • Creating pH balance
    Getting a  pH balance plan in place isn’t so easy. We show you how.
  • Secrets to alkaline supercharging
    Our secret tips to alkalize in minutes rather than months.
  • Highly alkalizing foods
    The foods we eat every day taht rocket our alkaline balance.
  • ‘All things in balance’.
    You’ve heard it, you may even say it! We show you why it’s simply wrong.
  • Sample weekly menu
    Get started now!
  • Using diet to change your pH
    A look at where diet fits in with all the other ways to alkalize.
  • More alkaline superfoods and greens
  • Our ‘Alkaline Hacks’
    Things we’ve picked up along the way that made sense over time.
  • Wheatgrass and supplements
    A true alkaline superfood.
  • The NEW Alkaline Diet overview
    Cassie introduces the changes she’s made and explains all.
  • Cassie’s tips tricks and hacks for the NEW Alkaline Diet.
    She’s not just a pretty face, great researcher, life changer and powerhouse alkalizer… 
  • Diet substitution
    What this means and how you can apply it.
  • Changing pH balance using supplements
    A hard look at why you are really taking supplements to alkalize.
  • Alkaline Drops
    Super simple handbag alkalizing.
  • Alkaline Electrolytes
    The fastest least expensive and most comprehensive way to alkaline health.
  • Alkaline Personalities
    What are you?
  • Alkalizing with water
    Is it all it is claimed? is it the best way to alkalize? Are there other benefits to alkaline water? High pH water.
  • Alkalinity vs. pH.
    This will change your basic understanding of what alkaline means and give you the power to choose. 
  • Accessing alkaline water How-to
    A broad survey of alkaline waters
  • Introducing Molecular Hydrogen
    The relationship between molecular hydrogen and alkalizing.
  • pH ORP and H2
    Don’t get fooled by the science.
  • The BIG reason diets fail
    Basic truths we can all look at and strategise to overcome.
  • Our stories
    Cassie and Ian share their journey.
  • Slow food
  • More Cassie’s tips
  • Laying up stores
    Shopping for Alkaline balance.
  • Caring for ‘Down Under’
    Digestion issues.
  • Alkaline/Acid food charts
    Are they really useful? We share the food chart breakthrough.
  • Choosing foods by alkalizing power
  • New Alkaline Diet Guidelines
  • Healing foods
  • The next big step in testing
    Beyond urine testing
  • Lessons in urine
    What is your urine telling you?
  • Urine pH
  • Introducing Ketosis
    The natural way of fuelling the body and how to see whether you’ve ‘made it’.
  •  Grains
    Why we avoid them!
  • The addictive nature of wheat
  •  Denial
    Not a river in Egypt. A way of thinking that prevents our health!
  • Another wheat superhero
  • Ian’s wheat story
  •  Sugar
  • Sugar addiction
  • Alkalizing for weight loss
    Make it easy by understanding what’s really going on with acid foods.
  • The secret
  • Fat and weight loss
  • Carbs make you fat.
  • Diabetes and alkaline balance
  • Acid-forming diets
  • Metabolic acidosis as a precursor
  • Is your blood sugar normal?
  • 2 Types of diabetes
  • Old wisdom
  • New Science
  • A tale of 2 meals
  • Alkalizing for Athletes
  • H2 for athletes
  • Molecular hydrogen and an alkaline diet
  • A recap
  • The ‘Whys’ of alkaline balancing revisited
  • Other ways to alkalize
  • Alkalizing with Calcium and magnesium
  • Alkaline water and Hydrogen water: diving in.
  • How much H2 and how to get it?
  • Fats: a new look at an old ‘Enemy’
  • FODMAP, Allergies, Gluten, Inflammation and more
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The AlkaWay New Alkaline Diet and Defence Program.

Includes 20 lessons, all online, automatically arriving every 3 days.

Includes video instruction, online quizzes, references, downloads.. everything you need!


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