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Organic Greens Powder

Alkaway organic greens

AlkaWay’s Organic Greens Drink Powder…

The culmination of almost two decades of study of the alkaline diet, research and outreach. It evolved using the feedback from our tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

AlkaWay’s Organic Greens has something absolutely unique: therapeutic levels of ingredients in every serve alongside organic power proven alkalizers… rather than 101 dashes of everything – just so the maker can convince you you’re getting more.

Our Organic Greens is a naturopathic superfood formulation of organic alkaline and antioxidant plants and specific herbs. It’s developed to enhance your body’s pH regulation, reduce oxidative damage and help you cope with living in the 21st century.

Formulated by our Erica Whisson, AlkaWay’s Naturopath.

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We’ve taken Organic Greens drink powder back to the basics of alkalizing, using powerful natural alkalizers. It contains specific herbs that act as nutritives: That is, herbs that increase your ability to absorb your Organic Greens.

It helps you absorb more of the nutrients from the foods that you already eat. Nettle and parsley are nutritive herbs. They increase the absorption of nutrients from our super Greens and other foods you eat.

And just like all greens powders, Organic Greens will help you alkalize… But it will also help you get the maximum benefit from every serveWe’ve reinvented the Greens formula. Better, Smarter and the Organic Greens tastes great! (Other greens powders taste like lawn clippings!).

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Experience the benefits of Organic Greens for yourself. Formulated with almost 20 years of alkaline diet experience and with our own in-house naturopath’s unique superfood combination. It contains therapeutic amounts of ingredients in one serve, for only $1.97 per day!

What’s in it for me?

Only the best. We’ve individually sourced and carefully scrutinized every element of our Organic Greens drink powder before adding it to our unique formula. We’re proud to have created something not just different from the others… but better.

Greens icon NETTLE


A nutritive herb used as a spring tonic for millennia. As a nutritive, it gently assists in the elimination of toxins. It is also a gentle circulatory stimulant. Contains iron, calcium and vitamin A.

Greens icon PARSLEY


Similar to nettle. It is also a nutritive full of minerals. Historically used to help treat anaemia, not just because it has iron, but because it helps us use the iron from other foods. Ancient Romans used it as a hangover cure.

Greens icon OAT GRASS


Is a nutritive and a nervine. It builds deep energy for the next day, especially when riding an emotional roller coaster. Nourishes your nerves and may improve your ability to live with uncertainty.

Greens icon BARLEY GRASS


Another nutritive, more alkaline than wheatgrass. Boosts natural antioxidant defence systems. Rich in minerals and chlorophyll. It is the barley grass, not the grain, so it is naturally free from gluten.

Greens icon CHLORELLA


An algae, and a nutritive. Helps support your detox – especially for heavy metals and pollution. Chlorella is the only ingredient not as a therapeutic dose, as it is strong and needs to be used gently.

Greens icon BLUEBERRY


A great alkaliser and a super antioxidant. Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are also high in potassium and vitamin C.

Greens icon GREEN TEA


A great antioxidant that can reach the brain to help prevent free radical damage that may lead to a decrease in brain function. And… it can be rather calming.



Included for its sulforaphane. It helps to regulate cellular defences, helping body systems to recognise abnormal cells. It then helps the body eliminate them. It can protect good cells and help eliminate bad ones.



Included for its high levels of inulin; a fantastic digestive fibre and prebiotic. Prebiotics provide food for probiotics, causing an environment where our probiotics thrive. If the bacteria in our gut isn’t happy, then neither are we.

We’re experiencing the benefits already!

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“At last, a palatable greens formula. Organic Greens is really easy to drink. I am getting the greens that my body craves in a very digestible dose. It leaves me with no unpleasant aftertaste. I just mix it with water and drink it straight down.”

Joanna, our accounts Manager

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“At 72, I began napping every day. Now I’m working hard and long in the garden. Two days ago I mowed our 3/4 acre of lawn. A day ago I unloaded 2 metres of mulch, spread it and planted a new garden. This morning I was out at 8:00 am digging a new garden patch, clearing the grass. No naps for 3 days!”

Ian Hamilton, AlkaWay Founder

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“I’ve given up my afternoon nibbles. I don’t need them anymore.”

Erica, AlkaWay Naturopath