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AlkaWay Media Releases

Welcome to the AlkaWay press centre. Here you will find various views and articles relating to water, health and our products.


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Marie ClaireMarie Clare

May 2012 – Want to know more about the pH diet? – click here to read.

Go Magazine

Issue 26 2012 – A detailed look at pH and your body with helpful tips on what you can do to balance it – click here to read.


July 2012 – Which stars are alkalising and with which foods? – click here to read.

The Lennox Wave

April 2011 – Built-In Filter makes water even healthier – click here to read.

The Canberra Times Relax Magazine

April 2011 – Heading overseas or planning a
camping trip over the Easter break? – click here to read.

The Northern Star

April 2011 – Contaminants kept all bottled up with filter – click here to read.

The Sun Herald

July 2011 – How to ensure clean water where ever you travel to – click here to read.

CosmopolitanThe Sydney Morning Herald

August 2011 – The Herald also wanted to let everyone know about clean water on ones travels – click here to read.

The Northern Star

July 2011 – The spotlight hits our filtered water bottle – click here to read.

The Weekend Australian

June 2011 – What was their product of the week? click here to find out.

Women’s Weekly

June 2011 – We agree that this filtered water bottle is some great gear – click here to read.

Prevention Magazine

July 2011 – Prevention wants you to live life to the max! – click here to read.

Professional Beauty

August 2011 – Liquid purity available to all – click here to read.Professional Beauty

Northern Rivers Family Magazine

Winter 2011 – The water of the world is available, clean, purified with portability – click here to read.


September 2011 – Aussies spending big on plastic bottles, do you need to? click here to read.

Modern Home Magazine

April 2011 – A great idea, pure and simple – click here to read.

Gold Coast Bulletin Paradise Magazine

May 2011 – A drink safe revolution – click here to read.

Sample Magazine

Winter 2011 – Local exposure for portable water filter – click here to read.

Good Life Magazine

Gym essentials – click here to read.

The Northern Star

July 2011 – The Star has our Fill2Pure as a featured giveaway – click here to read.