Which water ioniser is right for you?

Which water ioniser is right for you?

With so many water solutions on offer how do you know which would suit you best?  Watch this quick video for a rundown on what’s available and what each system is good for.

Whole House System

This takes care of every tap in your home, apartment or office.  There’s an optional UV light recommended for water with possible high bacteria count (tanks, rivers, creeks, dams, spring). Click here for more info.

Alkalina cartridges for existing RO users

This is an essential add-on if you already have a Reverse Osmosis system. Providing fantastic alkaline, ionised, antioxidised hydrogen water. Click here for more info.

UltraStream – benchtop and undersink

For great tasting, mineral and hydrogen-rich alkaline water, we have the UltraStream. Easily installs on the benchtop or under the sink with a special vented undersink kit (sold separately).