Report – 5 big reasons for natural ionizing

Cassie Bond’s 5 Big Reasons for Natural Ionizing

What you need to know about the alkaline diet and alkaline water, written by Cassie Bond, a true industry veteran

cassie-bond-alkaway-founder Cassie, Co-Founder of AlkaWay and Ion Life has over thirteen years experience in designing and supplying tens of thousands of electric and natural alkaline water systems.

With the design team, AlkaWay have created the world’s most advanced natural water ioniser, alkaliser and hydrogen infuser.  It is changing the face of the industry and the health of all our customers.

5 Big Reasons

  1. The water from a $4000+ isn’t as good as water from our $599 unit, and I’ll prove it!

  2. ‘Bigger’ isn’t better; why it’s actually unnecessary and even a waste!

  3. Healthy, alkaline, ionised, hydrogenated water created naturally, without electricity and electronic parts is here to stay.

  4. You don’t need complicating and expensive pre-filters like many electronic alkalisers.

  5. You don’t have to pay thousands for a non-toxic home & food sanitiser.

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